GamerDad Review: House Of The Dead: Overkill

GamerDad Writes:

"House of the Dead is probably the most famous rail shooter. What's a rail shooter? Well can take that literally, you're "On a Rail" and shooting the beasts that come out of the dark at you. The series is known for towering boss monsters, horrific voice acting and writing and music you'll never get out of your ears. The Wii is the perfect substitute for light gun technology, so it's not surprising to see another sequel shuffle in.

Grindhouse, Planet Terror, that's pretty much the tone of the game. Grimy, slimy and gory. Heads explode from headshots and you can even shoot arms and legs off. Unlike previous games, the Bosses are more terrifying. Plus they're homages to old horror flicks. In fact there are so many homages and references to movies, TV and previous games in the series. The other change is the music, which is now a mix of original metal, industrial and more."

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