Launchtrailer of Earth Defense Force 2017

It is 2017 and the ground is submerged by extraterrestrial beings which certainly do not come in peace. Fortunately you are there, member of the Earth Defense Force team.

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kingboy4232d ago

wrong platform mart this game is 360 only not about obsession gone bad

Juevani4232d ago

hahahaha, in the beginning i was think *what the hell's wrong with TheFart* good job i told after Im done with u u'll be thing,dreamin,eatin,wishin everything that got the name PS3 on it.. and this game sucks so much it hurts my eyes when i watched it.. and the story *hahahahahahahahahahaha*

The Snake4231d ago

It's like a B movie, but a video game. I'm gonna have to Gamefly this.