Funcom Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures is Dying

Funcom Age of Conan is Dying: Subscribers Under 100K, $23 Million 4q Loss, CFO Resigns - Plus Combat Tutorial Video.

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Reibooi3580d ago

Not really all that shocking considering how horrendously broken the game is.

Balance is out the window and every time they try to fix one problem they break the game in a whole new way.

Jinxstar3580d ago

WoW is the same way and it's doing fine though...

STK0263580d ago

But WoW's system requirements are way lower (making it easier to have a big install base), was out first (people won't leave a broken MMO they have come to like for another broken MMO), has the WarCraft franchise and the Blizzard name and as far as I know, WoW is one of the more stable MMOs (server side) and is less glitchy (although it didnt start that way).

gamesR4fun3580d ago

wow is bad but not near as bad
besides age of conan was just a gank fest.

Jinxstar3580d ago

I was only comparing a certain aspect. Balance. Not system reqs, time in play, franchises or gank fests. I was saying WoW is the oppitomy of Paper, Rock, Scissors or Druid beats warrior, warrior beats lock, lock beats druid. thats how they "balance" WoW and it's not well balanced... I am big on balance and I am a long time WoW vet. I quit pre WOTLK but I played for a long long time and know the game and how it works. I ran all the end game dungeons at on point or another.

WoW for balance = crap. Don't believe me just go look at the wow forums for 10 minutes.

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Avery3580d ago

If you notice this article holds very outdated info.

It also doesn't take note of the decent population many servers have.

Also not the DX10 video that I made on there, it's implementation is about the hit the live servers in full and already has people clambering back to see plus the content updates.

If you don't like PvP there are PvE servers from which you can still PvP on.

There are just as many bugs in game as there are other mmo's.

free2game3653580d ago

Most of these technical issues have been fixed by now.

Godem3580d ago

Funcom should have just focused on making The Longest Journey 3.....