The Laser : Killzone 2 Review

Michael Palisano writes "Take a little bit of Gears of War, Call of Duty, Halo, and even Sony's own Resistance and you pretty much have all the elements present in Killzone 2. This doesn't mean that this is a bad game, just that it doesn't deliver the kind of innovative experience once promised. If you lower your expectations and merely want a solidly produced, highly playable and somewhat impressive FPS then Killzone 2 delivers the goods. However, if you were expecting something truly revolutionary to happen after nearly a half-decade in development, then you're likely to be disappointed with the end result."

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farhsa20083493d ago

again another terrible article expecting killzone 2 to innovate, why does every game to innovate nowadays? Why can't it just be damn good at what it is?

WildArmed3493d ago

buh buh buh cozzz itss teh ceelllll

>_> Becccoz shooting is only innovative if its done by pressing R2! not R1!
/end sarcasm

GrandTheftZamboni3493d ago

"it doesn't deliver the kind of innovative experience once promised."

GG promised breath-taking graphics. And they delivered.

Kleptic3492d ago

GG or Sony NEVER promised innovation...only an immersive fps unlike any other in visual fidelity...that is EXACTLY what they fact it easily stands as one of this gen's top titles on being exactly what we were told it would be...