The Laser : Street Fighter IV Review

Michael Palisano writes "In most aspects, Capcom has done a superb job in restoring its franchise, but there are a few minor issues. Aesthetically, the new paint-style approach looks fantastic and does an admirable job of bringing the classic hand-drawn SF look to HD but some of the backgrounds can look a little glitchy at points. Its choice of music is also somewhat annoying, with the high-energy pop music soundtrack making a kind of disconnect from the somewhat gritty fighting action at certain points. The biggest problem, as mentioned earlier is the end boss Seth, who seems to be insanely difficult for no good reason, making the end of each fighter's journey an unfortunately frustrating experience. However, these flaws aren't enough to make the overall experience less than satisfying - just minor issues in an otherwise superb comeback for the series. There's no question the Street Fighter IV represents a solid return for this storied franchise, and its solid play mechanics, great controls and inspired illustrative visuals brings the series forward without losing the essence of what makes the franchise so enduring. Capcom's approach of using the traditional play mechanics and transposing them onto a newly fashioned 3D background is surprisingly effective, with many of the familiar characters and their moves returning in all their fist-pumping glory. While its difficult to compare SFIV against more robust, true 3D fighting games on the system like Namco's Soul Calibur IV and Sega's Virtua Fighter V, this is still a remarkable game that effectively delivers a satisfying modern take on this storied franchise."

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