The Laser : Resident Evil 5 Review

Michael Palisano writes "Capcom's long-running survival horror franchise gets another solid installment with the release of Resident Evil 5. Featuring stunning, photo-realistic graphics, impressively smooth gameplay as well as online modes and co-op missions, it offers a challenging, immersive experience. This edition stars Chris Redfield and his new partner Shiva Alomar. This introduces a new dynamic into the game where you work together as you battle the zombie hordes in Africa. RE5's visual flair is incredible and its cinematic approach is smooth and polished. It's gameplay is also faster than previous titles, with a faster pace and more gunplay owing more to RE 4 than earlier installments. It represents another solid installment in the series, offering a pleasing mix of old and new elements that bring the series to the HD era without losing its essential appeal."

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farhsa20083489d ago

good score although for me it will always be a A+