Resolution: Resident Evil 5 review

Resolution writes: "Even with the slight additions and alterations, there's something missing. Maybe the bar was set too high with Resident Evil 4, I don't know. Resident Evil 5 just doesn't feel creepy - there's no constant sense of dread, just short sections of panic. The result is a game that's not as engaging as it should be. It does look gorgeous, and it sounds great, but it's slowly and awkwardly shuffling its way out of the genre. It's not quite survival horror and it's not quite action. It's a meeting of the two that's managed to lose the best bits of both, but still succeeds fairly well: still a good game, but not a truly great one. Here's to bigger, redesigned and smarter things for Resident Evil 6."

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swiftshot933583d ago

Resident Evil 5 is much more deserving than an 82, I have the game and it is absolutely fantastic. Totally worth th $60 and its been awhile since a game has had me begging to replay it again. And mercenaries is just mint.

Thats not an opinion, its a fact.

Ghoul3583d ago


RE5 is a game where you can pass the game if you dislike the controlls but you have to admit how wonderfull detailed and the immense replayability for a singleplayer game. I missed that kinda depth in this gen very much.

LewisDenby3582d ago

Remember tha 82% is still an excellent mark. From the Resolution 'About our reviews' page:

Excellent, highly commendable releases that fall just shy of true greatness. There's not an awful lot to criticise here, and most players will have a brilliant time with these games. They're towards the head of the pack, and if you're looking to purchase something in a particular genre, you could do far, far worse than to opt for one with an 80%+ score."

farhsa20083583d ago

I gave this game to my friend to borrow and I am already missing it...(Been 2 hours already lol)

peedie163583d ago

no this game doesn't deserve anything higher than and 8 IMO

Alberto Weskero3582d ago

I think 8.2 is an accurate rating imho. It rehashes a lot of stuff from 4 and doesn't maintain the same atmosphere. Still a very good game - but far too short on surprises and in length.