The Best (and Worst) of GDC 2009

Learn about what you'll be playing (or avoiding) this year, as we look at some of the best bets--and the weirdest tech--to come out of the 2009 Game Developer's Conference.

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interrergator3488d ago

i was hopin for microsoft to show us some stuff i didnt see stuff from them i was kinda dissapointed with gdc sure a ratchet game for ps3 but not much really

kaelix3487d ago

was'nt there an article here on n4g stating that microsoft had some "big" announcement for the gdc or was I just halucinating.

Ryudo3487d ago

Microsoft will wait to E3 like every other self respecting console manufacture for the big stuff. What was said and wasn't said at GDC can't be held against them wait to E3 for judgement.

Megaton3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

@ 1.2: Last year they announced Gears 2 at GDC. At E3 they announced You're in the Movies and Lips. I suppose Lips is a heavier hitter than Gears now?

Was Microsoft even at GDC this year? I can't think of a single thing coming out of their camp.

Gameplay9993487d ago

MS is sabing there announcements for E3 confirmed!

GamerPS3603487d ago

best of GDC 09 - nothing announced, Hence no fanboy war.
worst of GDC 09 - nothing announced, Hence no game to look forward.

xabmol3487d ago

Dude, I, Love, That, Show. Now I have to wait for a review of that game, and if its good... Buy an iPod Touch. >.<

OMG he got a iPhone with his free swag? A Dexter iPhone?! That son of a bi...

Becko3487d ago

the on-live thing remains me of the "phantom" system ... someone remembers it ?... well it didn't came to the market but it was announced as a multi-plataform-system as well