Looking to the Past

Gamer Limit writes: "For gamers, it's worrying to think that our golden age has passed. We look back at all of the glorious gaming nirvana of the earlier systems and still, to this very day, lament the passing of some of the greats. Across all mediums, it's obvious that the ninties was not only the growing stages of gaming, but they were the best days too. Nostalgia is a tough beast. Some say that it clouds our vision, because we tend to tie strong emotions of our childhood with the games we used to play. I don't agree.

There have been some fantastic games released in the last few years, but I feel that our capacity to re-invent the wheel is becoming more and more difficult. Games 15-20 years ago didn't have any benchmarks to rely on. They were forced to innovate, or the industry would implode. Their market was niche, but still very dedicated and growing. Games like Chrono Cross defined what we thought a JRPG should be. Others like Quake not only introduced us to 3D, but a raft of other gameplay and presentation innovations."

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Fullish3490d ago

I'm stuck in the gaming past, nearly all games I play are at least 5 years old.

Cloud-14093490d ago

You arent the only one :P

syvergy3490d ago

I know I love the past :D

xabmol3490d ago

I've been gaming since the Atari and while old games were good for the time they released, recent games are the best.

MGS4, LBP, Mirrors Edge, MS:PR, Dead Space, Uncharted? HELLO?