Microsoft Wouldn't Be Microsoft Without...

In the video game world, competition never ceases, and to remain a contender, each console manufacturer needs to maintain an identity among consumers and offer them something they can't get on any other platform. This weekend, TGR will take an in-depth look at the games -- one key franchise for each company -- that make Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony what they are today.

Which of Microsoft's franchises is the absolute biggest and most important?

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cain1413491d ago

I'm going to guess they picked Halo...

Viewtiful3491d ago

I'm not so sure at this point. Some of their Japanese licenses have proved instrumental to breaking that market. Plus I think Gears is more of an icon these days than Halo.

cain1413491d ago


I love my xbox a ton, but God, I hate Gears...

Cajun Chicken3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Gears sucks. Halo Rocks, only because of Bungie though.

Domenikos3491d ago

Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Kart... o yep and GeoW...

no-spin3491d ago

maybe halo kart and halo tennis will be announced at E3.
Cooking Halo?

RememberThe3573491d ago

But the last two have been pretty big let downs as far as I'm concerned. Halo 3 was OK but still wasn't up to the standard of the times. And now that Gearbox is working on it, I'm not sure that I have much faith in it.

Why dis3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

*I'm going to guess* what kind of fan would waste their time in here using more than one comment trying think up a way to bash carefully.

@1.4 should I post a list of new Ip's for both platforms?

MisterNiwa3491d ago

Microsoft wouldnt be Microsoft without a Big Bag Of Money!

gaffyh3491d ago

Yeah it's Halo. MS wouldn't even exist in the console war right now if they didn't have Halo

UltraNova3491d ago

Dont know about you guys but I will wait for Halo Fit...:p

Seriously now, if MS messes up the Halo franchise it would be the biggest and most stupid thing someone would have ever done in the gaming industry history!

Halo Wars...meh?...ok? enough leave it there!

Milking a franchise to hell and back is for Nintendo! If MS and Sony start ditching out karts and fits and tennis and God knows what else, then our days as hardcore gamers are numbered (mine at least)!

ThanatosDMC3491d ago

Red Ring of Death, Blue Screen of Death, Vista's Unsigned Driver Problems... etc.

EL MAESTRO3491d ago

Look many games came after halo and many had way better graphics, the reason why halo is where it is and everyone and their mothers love it, its because its pure fun. Those holy s*** moments and loud laughing cuz a warhog flipped over and the gunner got puched by someone while they were flippin, are nowhere to be found in any other shooter. Its fun the online was super fun and thats what bungie cared about. in h3 they added the item feature which added more holy s*** moments of fun. I have yet to play a shooter that focuses more on fun than halo series. even KZ2 its more about graphics than crazy fun gameplay, which is why people will stop playin it once CoD moder warfare 2 comes out. while there are still people playing land partys with halo1 and online in halo2 and you still have an average of 300k people halo3 daily. NO COMPARISON...

Shepherd 2143491d ago

umm, well, Metal Gear Touch was just released, you know. What is that, like the 15th metal gear game released and re-released in the past 20 years? While Halo has only had 4 titles in the past 8 years? I mean, jesus christ, god forbid they make a Halo game when theres more Metal Gear titles released than i can count on two hands.

ravinash3491d ago

Have you even played KZ2?
yeah the graphics a good, but the game play is even better.
I love the fact that the mission keeps changing through out the online game. Its right up there with COD4.
There may be less focus of 'fun' as its a more intense battle, but I don't want it to be the same as Halo.

Dmitry Orlov3490d ago

Have you played Halo Wars?
The graphics are awesome for an RTS and missions are always different.
There are only 2 missions which are like "build your base, grow strong, kill the f#ckers!"
So much for milking Halo franchise.

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NeverforgetNES3491d ago

Had to be. Master chief is the ruler of microsoft.

cain1413491d ago

Just no master chief karts or MC Golf please...

SlamVanderhuge3491d ago

Honestly, go-karts with energy swords and rocket launchers kinda sounds awesome...

elitewh0re3491d ago

im sure you can already do that in halo 3 anyways.. haha

Cajun Chicken3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Halo, Fable and shutting down acclaimed bought-for-inhouse developers for no apparent reason, retaining the IPs and actually doing nothing with them for years.

redfield853491d ago

Halo is definitely the first series I think about when I think Microsoft. After that? Maybe Gears of War or Geometry Wars.

cain1413491d ago

I think Bioware and Bungie, but then again we don't know if those will still be in MS' camp much longer really...

ME 2 could go multiplatform.

Cajun Chicken3491d ago

Not even Geometry Wars is safe, BTW, Galaxies on the Wii is a great experience. I can't wait for GW to hop onto PSN, I'm sure its going to happen, its been everywhere else.

STK0263491d ago

No Flight Simulator love?...well I guess MS themselves haven't shown it much love...

Nick27283491d ago

Master Chief is secretly the CEO of Microsoft.