New Resistance: Fall of Man Trailer

New trailer from PS3 exclusive Resistance: Fall of Man, a sci-fi-based first-person shooter developed by Insomniac Games.

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ASSASSYN 36o4623d ago

Remember how people talked about the way Halo is the only game people mentioned on xbox and wrote previews for. Well lookie here.

FordGTGuy4623d ago

But what about Motorstorm? Although we all know DIRT is going to kick that games ass.

techie4623d ago

I suggest you press the Home button and look at the top 15 hottest games. You'll find 4 ps3 games at the top and resistance isn't even on it. So no you're wrong

Bad_Karma4623d ago

nice 1 db ... what !?!?! no comment ?

FordGTGuy4623d ago

has a AAA games for every month for almost an entire year. You wanted a comment.

4me24623d ago

"The Xbox 360
has a AAA games for every month for almost an entire year. You wanted a comment."

Can you list them month by month?
From the games I own for 360 the titles I would list as AAA are (IN MY OPINION):
Gears of War
Death Rising
Rainbow Six Vegas

OldSchoolGamer4623d ago (Edited 4623d ago )

I see a AAA as a title that does a few of the following, maybe not all but certainly more than a couple:
Makes you restless at night with anticipation,
Sells systems for an exclusive,
Breaks 1 million copies in the first 3 months,
Goes Gold (100,000) in preorders,
Has a huge following long time after the game is released (ie still being played worldwide by at least 100,000 people a year after release)
Gets all 9-10 reviews universally due to long developement time that uses much love and care
Is original (either in content, story, gameplay, or a completely new idea)
Is a franchise that just makes you say I need that one, this looks more amazing than the first.

If a game can do most of those things it has won the hearts and minds of alot of gamers. There are many more things, but those seem like the most pertinent. So, there are quite a few AAA titles out for all systems, and many coming! Good time to be a gamer.

Siesser4623d ago

Sort of a sad looking trailer; wouldn't get me excited for the game if I didn't already know about it.

If anyone's curious, the Cyrillic is "Nerahskritayah dlina ve footahx." One year of Russian's finally worth something.

Bad_Karma4623d ago

ofcourse it does *grin*

Violater4623d ago (Edited 4623d ago )

I think the visuals and mood set in that trailer is what game play should have looked like. And i hope they strive for better in Rise of Man. Seeing as though they should have more time to work on it and more experience with the system.
Don't get me wrong I think Resistance is a great game, all the ingredients of a true next gen game were there except for the graphics bringing more of a B than its A game.

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The story is too old to be commented.