S.O.E. will unveil two new PS3 exclusive IPs

Sony Online Entertainment plans to reveal two new intellectual properties at their upcoming Gamers' Days, which will take place in both Los Angeles and New York in May of this year.

The two day event will certainly showcase the previously announced spy-themed MMO that would "take espionage entertainment to a new level," according to Sony Pictures Vice Chairman Yair Landau. " He continued: "Think of it as 24 meets Alias meets Counterstrike." Well that sounds awesome - hopefully the game will live up to his hype ....

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ASSASSYN 36o4627d ago

I wonder if Sony`s own entertainment group games will remain exclusive given the rate of defections to XBOX 360.

n4g sucks4626d ago

only in your favorite fan-kid dreams...what next, sony sells out to Microsoft???

Bad_Karma4627d ago

The dumbest comment i`ve ever read .

_insane_cobra4627d ago

SOE usually (although not exclusively) develops PC games.

techie4627d ago

Both MMO games are listed on IGN for the ps3...

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The story is too old to be commented.