Fan-Made Killzone 2 Music Track Is Explosive

PushSquare: "We often get emails from various people about Playstation projects they've taken part in, and we always check them out. Rarely we post about them though, because, well, without sounding like utter-morons, they ain't worth posting. "Fire" by 3typen is mesmerisingly good. It isn't so much the track's excellent production and arrangement that makes it so good, but the way trailers and video from the game have been uniquely and cohesively meshed into the song itself."

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morganfell5300d ago

Remarkable sound track and editing.

xwabbit5299d ago (Edited 5299d ago )

I was banned(for 1 day but anyways)for submitting a fan made PS3 video from you tube...

WildArmed5299d ago

This is an article about a youtube video. its legit :S

UltraNova5299d ago

Simply wow, this 3typen guy is really good! KZ2 just keeps getting better and better every time you look at it, its getting ridiculous !

dericb115300d ago

Freakin Awesome. This should be a commercial for the game. SONY get this fast.

get2sammyb5300d ago

Totally. Much as I like the bullet trailer they put out -- I just feel like something in this theme is so much more eye catching.

WildArmed5299d ago

lol maybe bcoz its more than 30 secs long xD
3 min trailer vs 30 sec..
No brainer ^^

Its not a logical TV ad, but great for internet advertising.

joydestroy5299d ago

wow. yeah much much better than Sony's ad i think.
this is really good.

aiphanes5300d ago

And it makes me want to get Killzone 3!!!! When is that comming out?


onomix5299d ago (Edited 5299d ago )

Yep, that's the truth. This game lacks VARIETY, IT HAS NO CO-OP, BORING STORYLINE AND CHEESY VOICE-ACTING. That's right. It was a nice video though.

brycespitler5299d ago

like you allowed in the gamer zone

arent trolls supposed to be under bridges and not on the internet

morganfell5299d ago

And you wonder why you only have a single bubble...

WildArmed5299d ago

lol morgan my thoughts exactly.
After meeting this guy, I know began to believe not all men are created equal..
Some are plain.. hmm how do i put it in a nice way... retarded?

SprSynJn5299d ago

Can anyone tell me how to automatically ignore people with one bubble? I remember it asking me when I first signed up, and I realize now my mistake in selecting "no".

UltraNova5299d ago

I guess you've only played halo and you read/acquired your opinion on a 360 site reviewing KZ2?

Some people are delusional.

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