GDC'09 Microsoft Wants E3 To Be The Stage Of Surprises hiphopgamershow 3/29/09

* Special Guest - Yoshiro Ono (Street Fighter 4 Producer), Jeff Gertsmann (, Jan Bart (Guerrilla Games) , Christian Allen (Ex-bungie developer) AND MORE
* Sony Securing Exclusives with incentives
* Onlive Is The Future Amazing Gameplay Footage
* Game Footage - Super Punch Out For The Wii
* Confirmed: God Of War Playable Demo
Enjoy The Show

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WildArmed3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

People 'want' alot of stuff..
I need some 360 games.. its been quite lonely since Geow 2 :/

and as it seems right now, nothing good to come till June... dmn it! I dont want all the games to be released in the fall >_> I want a full year of games MS.. :(

God of war 3 demo.. can't wait.. oh wait.. who can? its another year to go :/

Trollimite3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

agree if you would like to see a show like this on G4

disagree is you want to see more shows that have nothing to do with gaming.

i dont agree with every thing he says but he is a at the events and he does know alot of people. so i cant outright say hes lying.

i would love to see his show on G4

dont bubble rape me please!

original seed3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Short and Serene.

This is what we need HHG. Quality shows.

I know it must be hard to have quality shows each week but still this is what we want from you. This makes your site and opinion worth hearing. Remember one thing HHG--> Quality is better than Quantity. If you have better quality articles coming from your site you'll have a bigger fanbase and more traffic.

Flamebait articles will give you temporary spikes in traffic but will do harm in the long run. How many people actually take seriously? Or Wii60?

Good articles = Respect. Respect for your site and Journalist.

Edit- HIPHOPGAMER Im still banned from your site. Im forbidden to log in and leave comments. My wife asks me why i continue to visit your site? I tell her that i love Gaming and welcome opinions different from my own. I really hope your site represents these Values. "A site built by Gamers for Gamers" <--go ahead and use this. Love, Peace and Taco Grease

Raoh3543d ago

G4 is trash. He'd be better off with a show on gametrailers. he could use the budget. aside from on location stuff, his set is bland.

morganfell3543d ago

They can't even get basic facts straight. Christian Allen left Redstorm to join Bungie. He isn't an ex-Bungie employee.

chrisnick3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

more multiplatform nonsense, and a couple of "i hope its gonna be good" titles. sony is and has been pwning ms software in quantity and quality since 08........fact...sorry... i own both but since gta and mgs i've been using my ps3 a whole lot more as of late... fable and gears was it for me...the megaton well has run kinda dry.

morganfell3543d ago

Well whoever was the gutless disagree, lets see you prove me wrong. You can't though. hhg and his staff were incompetent. If you are interviewing someone and do not know who they work for, how accurate can we expect the reporting to be? Well? We can't. but we already knew that as it's the hhg show.

Sarcasm3543d ago

The Hip Hop Michael Patcher showwwwwww

Doppy3543d ago

A lot of you claim to not like his show. And yet I see you same [email protected]$$ people in here every Sunday, trolling around instead of doing something useful with your time. You stated you hate him, his show, and everything else, so go on about your business and stop leaving your rude irrational compulsive comments.

In other words "GET A LIFE".

TruthBTold3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Uh oh, hot

I am not one to hate on HHG. Just that some of his last titles he used seemed very much geared towards getting peoples attention but when you watched the show the topic was different from what it was initially portraying. I like his shows when they are about discussing ideas and opinions, not when they have very unique claims with little to nothing to back them up. I think he does well in debates and discussing ideas that we as gamers discuss all the time and he brings good points to the table. Maybe others don't mind reading measleading headlines but I feel as though some one thinks I am a fool for believing in it. I respect HHG and todays' show is what I like to see, more discussions and debates about things we know are true and out there and not about measleading articles.

INehalemEXI3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

You got me hyped for E3 and things to come and Thats what I needed at a time when after SFIV, KZ2 and RE5 dropped the line ups are looking pretty sparse for awhile.

Showing the dishwasher, punchout, onlive etc that was much appreciated. Im skeptical of that onlive though cause what about mods , how would that work?

3543d ago
3543d ago
TruthBTold3543d ago

Great last interview, I am so hyped now for GOW3, I was before but hearing things from the Santa Monica crew I can't help but to trust everything they say, GoW and GoW2 were epic so they have a clean record of making a great game better.

Chapulin3543d ago

I agree with you man. I am tired of the trolls that never have anything good to say. They spend so much time on articles they hate. Why don't they get a life? hint hint Morganfell!!!

mugoldeneagle033543d ago

I watch his show when he actually has reliable sources on (like this one) and it's not half bad. It does need to lose some of the theactrics though, like the Crytek video where he makes him spin the WWE belt? What the f*** is that?

BUT these shows aren't half bad.

However, I'll never read an article on his site...ever. His writers are terrible.

gaffyh3543d ago

This is probably the best show HHG has actually done, cos it's full of facts rather than rumors. But his show is always enjoyable, i just wish he got a better camera, HD Widescreen camera, and got a proofreader for his website.

Shadow Flare3543d ago

You know, i used to see an article with hiphopgamer and think 'not again', but i actually watched this video, and i've completely changed my mind. I really liked this video and my view of hiphopgamer has changed completely. I suggest the haters watch the video instead of moaning, because actually its really cool. Great job hiphopgamer

The Lazy One3543d ago

the interviews and stuff are better, but can he please get rid of the belt?

it's just so dumb.

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Nelson M3543d ago

If Microsoft turn up
They Only reason Microsoft need to be on a Stage
Is to Clean it

morganfell3543d ago

They are so dumb they do not even know the jobs of the people they are advertising as having interviewed. Christian Allen is an ass. He is a current Bungie employee and ex Redstorm employee. I have known the guy for some time. He completely ruined Ghost Recon and he advised John Slaydon on how to fack up Rainbow 6 in a monumental fashion. And they expect him to make the HALO universe better? I am not looking forward to ODST Advanced Warfighter.

hhg, incompetent as usual.

ravinshield3543d ago

its the hiphopcraker show.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Wonder what they will STEAL next??? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

God of War 3
Uncharted 2
Heavy Rain
Ratchet And Clank:A Crack In Time
New Team ICO Game
FF 13 Versus
etc etc... ;-P

E3:Micro$oft -
+ 1 STOLEN PS3 Game
etc etc...

Chubear3543d ago

+ 1 STOLEN PS2 Game now multiplat

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dachiefsman3543d ago

hiphopgamer = "I got a retarded show for you!"

Something I can agree with.

Dragun6193543d ago

Hmm...Surprise because they have no exclusives to announce?

Or surprises that there gonna pull out their ass like Final Fantasy 13?

You know MS, you cant keep on buying 3rd party games, eventually Sony's first party titles will triumph.

Other than that I hope MS will announce Fisrt party title rather than announcing and boasting Third party Titles (FF13,DMC4,Tekken 6,GTA 4 DLC, Fallout 3, Tomb Raider.) Maybe a Rare title or a Halo game would be a nice announcement.

THC CELL3543d ago

what is ms going to steal this time

Killzone 3 lol my ass

3543d ago
morganfell3543d ago

It is pretty obvious you want Killzone 2 bad. You go to tons of threads and post the same thing. Here is an ignore button for your punk ass. And BTW, you do not need that many bubbles to be an idiot. let me help you out with that.

cereal_killa3543d ago

Morganfell You have to give PP props this Muppet tries so hard to be the #1 most annoying troll in N4G the only problem is their is way to many other losers on here to steal that crown.