IGN: Guitar Hero: Metallica Review

IGN writes: "The Guitar Hero franchise seems to be ever rolling, churning out more than one title a year these days. Fortunately for metal fans, this year's "side project" is Guitar Hero: Metallica, which brings with it a ton of promise and hype. After all, Metallica is the band that has convinced countless souls to pick up a guitar (myself included), and their music seems to be a perfect fit for the formula".

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skynidas3490d ago

Wow, good score, wasn't expecting that

TheColbertinator3490d ago

Yeah I thought IGN was gonna slam it as a cash in or a quick lazy release.

II Necroplasm II3490d ago

No Colbert is a gamer, not an internet dweeb like you ":D

Shadow Man3490d ago

Nelson M is stalking Steven Colbert.

II Necroplasm II3490d ago

he just wants that poontang jk Steven

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Elven63490d ago

At least Neversoft is trying to pull out quality GH releases I guess, burnout at that studio must be insane!

Mindboggle3490d ago

If you like metallica and guitar hero its an obvious purchase, you dont really need a review to tell you that....

Rice3490d ago

Didnt really need the review to tell me to buy the game. Metallica is such awesome sauce.

LarVanian3490d ago

Great score.
Now bring on Guitar Hero Hendrix!

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The story is too old to be commented.