Final Fantasy XIII Nearing Completion?

Looks like this year really is the year of Final Fantasy XIII! Japan's Dengeki Magazine has uncovered some new information on how the game is coming along, including release windows!

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Gue13490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Well, the game's suppose to be out in Japan this year so...

Dragun6193490d ago

hmmm...FF13 nearing Completion? For Japan that is.

For the worldwide release,it will take like 5-6 months for translation of the game and the 3-4 months to port it over to Xbox360, Then they will release it worldwide.

Raoh3490d ago

it's not a speculation. square said their first main focus is their japanese release.

then they will concentrate on the north american/world wide release. I'm sure they are already working on translation and porting to the 360 but it will still be a few months after the ps3 japan release.

i'm sure they will probably release it to the 360 in japan after the port is done as well since square said they are committed to helping microsoft in japan.

N4Sony3490d ago

time to put up or shut up. Aside fron Star Ocean (developed by Tri-Ace, not Square) they've released nothing but crap and the trailer for FFXIII showed underwhelming graphics and awkward animation transistions. My demo but restore some faith.

Dragun6193490d ago

@ Enemy

Well, based on their past translations for FF 10,FF10-2, and FF12
It took around 5-6 months for it to be translated and released to the states.
FFX Japanese Ver. released in July 19, 2001
and North Amreican Ver. December 20, 2001.
FFX-2 JP March 13, 2003 and NA November 18, 2003
FF12 JP March 16, 2006 and NA October 31, 2006

And for the port for Xbox360 is just a speculation, though i'm pretty sure it won't take that long to port it over as it seems there going to port it over while translating the game aiming for a simultaneously release for worldwide as they stated in this article.

I'm gonna be getting both FF13 and FFVS13, hope they don't keep us waiting much longer.

SpoonyRedMage3490d ago

Dragun619: Bubbles for reasoning.

Also if FFXIII is finished before the end of this fiscla year it's not going to be released until the next(so they can keep a consistent level from fiscal year to year or something) so they may be able to port it to the 360 even sooner than you think without interferring with the PS3 version.

Anyway, can't wait for this game!!
I may end up getting a PS3 sometime to get Versus too.

Mikerra173490d ago

this game was near to being done when M$ decided to come in and ruin all the fun, now we gotta friggin wait for it in the u.s.

Ghoul3490d ago

"i'm sure they will probably release it to the 360 in japan after the port is done as well since square said they are committed to helping microsoft in japan."

FF13 is exclusive to the ps3 in japan, there wont be a japan 360 version

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dimitry213490d ago

I just want my demo right now.Who know's when they will release this game.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3490d ago

Final Fantasy Versus 13 looks more promising to me. It being developed by the same team behind advent children and kingdom hearts and all. I like hack and slash more than turn based. FF13's been getting a lot of good media though while V13 has been unusually quiet. Hope there's some type of cross game connection. Wonder if i should play FF13 before FFv13.

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