Skate: HalfPipe The Iphone Game Skaters Been Waiting For

* Put Your Face In The Game Is An Amazing Kick-Ass Feature
* The Level Of Interactivity In This Game Is Unmatched
* Tons Of Different Locations To Play In
* A Skaters Dream On The Go

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DERKADER3493d ago

Yo dawg dis game is the for real heazy. You know what im sayin man word this games gangsta. It's sad thats how people talk.

oddman763493d ago

yeah i could not even watch the rest of the video because I did not understand what they were saying

OhReginald3493d ago

i turned it off after i seen the gameplay lord....i thought the iPhone is the next great gaming handheld...i thought wrong...

Lukatoll3493d ago

wtf was that?

I was expecting something like touchgrind 2.0. I thought wrong. Plus the black guy was annoying

Anotherbobhead3493d ago

This game looks TERRRRRRRRRRRIBLE! I'm a huge fan of Skate and Skate 2, really felt let down by Skate It on ds, but this looks even worse. Oh well! I actually had to stop watching after the gameplay footage. I've seen enough. I know exactly what I won't be buying!