Konami's Negligible 360 Support: Why MGS5 Will Stay on PS3 "If Valve is the anti-PS3, then meet the slightly less but ultimately anti-360 developer. Konami has been making the rounds lately with their teasing announcement of the next Metal Gear Solid. The rumours have already begun flying on whether the game will focus solely on Raiden or if it will be set between the main games of the series. In short, it's doing just what every MGS game has done before and it hasn't even been revealed yet.

"Though it wasn't blatantly spelled out, it's most definite that the company will continue providing their most A-list titles to consoles other than the 360. Looking at development history and recent financial earnings besides looking up past fiscal reports, it's not too hard to predict the unlikeliness of Metal Gear Solid 5 (working title) ever coming to the 360."

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jammy_703493d ago

that why

but how the hell does this site know that it wont come to the 360???? they no nothin!!!!! just guessing, got nothing better to do just shockiinngg!!!!

Nike3493d ago

We "predict" it'll stay on the PS3. We're looking at Konami's "development history and recent financial earnings besides looking up past fiscal reports". We're also looking at the recent sales figures that blatantly say Konami 360 sales are 3% and PS3's are 38% of their total revenue for last year.

But you can just say we're guessing without reading a damn thing, too. Whatever gets you off. :)

SoapShoes3493d ago

People are predicting it coming to 360 is because they wanted so badly for MGS4 to come to 360 and now that they realize it's not happening, they make hopes of desperation that the next one will. Not saying it isn't, but if you want MGS so bad just get a damn PS3 and you're guaranteed to play it.

I don't get gamers this gen. They're like, "Oh I love PS3 games, but I hate the console". How can you hate a console if you constantly want the games on it to go to your system? If you want to play the games on a system, you want the system!

gamesmaster3493d ago

i'm a big mgs fan, i own a ps3, and to be honest i couldn't really care less if mgs5 goes to xbox360. its irrelevant. I still get to play the game so its win, win. if it doesn't come to 360 then buy a ps3 when the price drops, that way you can play mgs4 as well.

gaffyh3493d ago

Big difference between Valve and Kojima. Valve just hate the PS3 completely, and irrationally because it is hard to develop for. Kojima doesn't hate the 360, but doesn't develop for it because he knows that it isn't powerful enough to handle his ideas.

Hell, even PS3 isn't powerful enough to do what he wanted in MGS4 (Watch his GDC Keynote), so why would he take a step back and develop on a less powerful console? Konami on the other hand may make a port of Kojima's games if they want, but last time they did that with MGS, it sold like sh*t on he Xbox 1.

Jecht3493d ago

I know, I was just making a reply to you since you copied it from the article.

ShadowRyuX3493d ago

Thank you for saying something that actually makes sense! I don't get why people reduce themselves to begging, almost groveling over another console's exclusive, but refuse to buy that console because they dislike it. And instead of starting off on some rant I am going to just say: Be a gamer, not a fanboy!

njr3493d ago

Sometimes, money and high prices show fanboy's true colors.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Valve is anti-PS3 because they don't want to make a new engine, they would rather stay with their obsolete last-gen engine. Konami doesn't hate Xbox 360, the problem with Xbox 360 is that its lack of HDD and lack of next-generation optical drive made it impossible or very difficult to port this game.

Making it for 360 would have basically been making a last-gen game with higher res assets, and Konami's focus groups probably told them that's not what gamers want, which is why they chose to make a truly next-generation game and stay PS3 exclusive, which is sad for Microsoft and even sadder for its fanboys.

Valve doesn't seem to be a very progressive developer which is why they prefer a regressive system like the 360. Konami, or Kojima to be precise, is a progress seeking dev, which is why they were on PS3. Had Microsoft chosen Blu-ray or even a 3-layered HD-DVD, we wouldn't be having this conversation, and MGS4 would have graced Xbox 360. IDTech 5 would also be just as good on 360.

Progression > Regression

3493d ago
Megatron083493d ago

wow the stupidity of the fanboy in that artcle if you can call it that is amazing

Sarcasm3493d ago

A few things to take note about Kojima's presentation, is

1. The PS3 even with 50gb blu-ray capacity and the processing power, was still not enough to achieve his "ultimate stealth game"

2. Kojima states that they can still "Push the PS3 much further"

3. The engine that was used for MGS4 is already built, and they can focus more on gameplay elements rather than just story, perhaps what he means by catering to "Western" audiences.

The next game going multiplatform will definitely hinder his "Ultimate" video game experience.

Although what I think is going to happen, is that they are going to make MGS stay on the PS3, but a new IP will be multiplatform.

raztad3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )


I mostly agree with you. I think Kojima simply love PS brand and not so much MS console. I have only one console (my loved PS3) and while MGS4 has very beautiful visuals I think it could be done with the same fidelity on the Xbox360 (Crytek engine proves that X360 can pull out better visuals than Gear's), but Kojima didnt want to.

Dvd capacity is no a real problem, MGS is a pretty linear game and Kojima could had split it on several dvds, is it a chore? sure, but a possibility nontheless, but there is a joke in the middle of the game where Otacon says something like this: "Snake at this point we need to change dvd" and Snake replies something like: "Otacon get a grip, we are using BD". That is Kojima laughing over X360.

Finally, I really dont understand this xbox fanatics obssesion with MGS. Someone that has played and love MGS franchise has/had a ps2 and most probably will be getting a PS3 to play the next chapter, so a true MGS fan CANT be a Sony hater. Perhaps Kojima thinks that MGS for the xbox will just not sell because MGS fans got a PS3.

Peace guys.

solar3493d ago

well its obvious that Kojima and his team isnt talented enough to develop for the 360. lazy ass developers. must be untalented as well.

UltimateIdiot9113493d ago

Or perhaps the 360 doesn't offer enough room and processing power to come close to perfection. Besides, exclusives offer way better quality than multiplatform.

If you want to play MGS, get a PS3.
By your logic, Valve is extremely untalented. They couldn't even make the game on PS3 and had to get EA to port Orange box. Kojima's team is far from untalented, they are perfectionist.

solar3493d ago

nice work at catching sarcasm.

MakoXL3493d ago

Maybe it'll be exclusive to OnLive.......

Why dis3493d ago

No one cares outside the Sony camp lol

50 to 8 agrees and disagrees.

The devs would have to fix the 1990's gameplay.

IdleLeeSiuLung3493d ago

Simply because it makes financial sense to release it on the 360. However, the general theme here is that Konami only releases their games on Japanese consoles.

If it comes good, if it doesn't oh well, get a PS3 or play some other game. It is not the end of the world as there are plenty of good games on all consoles (even the Wii albeit few and far between).

littletad3493d ago

It doesn't. Metal Gear, never even started on Playstation platforms. How delusional...

indysurfn3493d ago

Yeah and look at Square support for xbox360! Before NOTHING! Now most exclusives from square are on xbox360 plus Final Fantasy XIII is coming to it! So that is a flawed reason because of the past? Hello there is no loyalty in business.

velaxun3493d ago

You're right, Metal Gear did not start on Playstation, however Metal Gear SOLID did. This is about Metal Gear SOLID, not metal gear. There hasn't been a metal gear game for years...

caladbolg7773493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

"The devs would have to fix the 1990's gameplay."

Hah. Good one, Why Dis. +1 Bubbles. But which devs are you talking about exactly? Bungie? Epic? Valve?

raztad3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )


No, it doesnt make financial sense. At this point almost every MGS fan already played the damn thing, some others are still stuck with the ps2 and very few picked up ONLY a xbox360 waiting MGS to jump in to that console. If MGS4 if released on the x360 it probably will sell worse than the one realesed for the original xbox.

@Why dis

IMHO MGS4 "1990" gameplay obliterates any other action-stealth game gameplay-wise, not by chance Kojima has won twice a Lifetime Award.
This game is so diverse, so well put together. Right now I'm at the final battle, wow it is awesome, I didnt see that coming.

indysurfn3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Why are you people talking about the only significant company that is not supporting xbox360? Sensible thing to talk about is the MANY companies that are no longer putting meaningful support behind the PS3. This is the pot calling the kettle black on a whole nother level. Take your heads out of the sand, PS3 is less, and less supported. Now Sony is paying half the developer cost for PSN developers just to get support. DISPERATE! For the THIRD time Sony has cut the developement system cost down by 50% or more. Now it only cost 2,000 used to be 20,000! Disperate! Lets talk about Sonys first savior Square Enix that had NO-0-wala-zero-zinch support for xbox360, Final fantasy is on xbox360! In the last year three square enix games are on 360 that are NOT on PS3! Hello! Look at many other Japanese Companies. Take your head out of the sand! PS3 has released 250 games xbox360 has released 384 games! Xbox360 is doing fine, just because you concentrate on one company konami's past does not change reality. You are like a osterich running from a fox, finding a hole in the ground, and sticking his head in it! The fox does not disappear just because the osterich does not see him! But in a few more seconds the osterich will feel a painfull byte around his neck then the darkness of the hole will become the last thing he sees. You fantoys are like that osterich. Oh look one big company that is mostly supporting us (kinda like square!) er duh! Lets stick our heads in it!

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predator3493d ago

oh dear, funny how you forgto Pro Evo which did very well on 360 and thats from Konami?

Nike3493d ago

First it "does well" on the 360 and then it "sells better" on 360. Which one is it, if you don't mind my asking? :)

Also, the point is "Konami stayed loyal to a user base and with this new generation, where other seasoned devs are scrambling to find their bearings amongst mergers and multi-platform releases, that loyal base is carrying them through."

Jecht3493d ago

A lesson SOOOOOO many developers need to learn. It's true that when you risk big, you can win big, but not in these times. Stick with the guaranteed revenue. I'm looking at you Square-Enix.

HDgamer3493d ago

MGS and PRO EVO are not the same games, also MGS has a niche crowd to begin with.

Nike3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )


Not my words man. They're the author's (my colleague).

Edit: Ah, okay. Is cool. :D


Agreed, they're two different franchises. What's important, however, is that Konami caters equally to their loyal fans, whether they like Pro Evo or MGS. No distinctions are made, which builds consumer loyalty and company reputation - two things that Square-Enix, for example, used to possess worldwide before they started releasing sub-par titles (though Star Ocean IV is the best 360 RPG right now).

gamesmaster3493d ago

the article states that 3% of konami's earnings for last year came from the 360, where as 38% came from the ps3. Now if we look at the number of cross platform releases from konami its clear that the 360 just isn't a big earner for them, due to the fact that they almost all but 1 or 2 of their release were on both ps3 and 360.

eagle213493d ago

LMAO at how 5-6 million selling games are "niche". Why is Snake in Super Smash Brothers Brawl and kids have Metal Gear lunch boxes in Japan? I'm sick of noob gamers. :)

Megatron083493d ago

given that at least 90% of 360 owners are/were ps2 owners (I actually know oof no one that owners a 360 that didnt own a ps2) Konami isnt loyal at all they are abandoning like 60% of their fanbase.

Oh well they only made like 2 good game is in like 30 years

gamesmaster3493d ago

you buffoon

mgs mgs2 mgs3 mgs4, ZOE 1, ZOE: the second runner, i can list many more good games.

cayal3493d ago

I think the difference is Pro Evo is actually Konami, while MGS is Kojima productions and I imagine he has a massive say in what happens with his games (like Nomura at Square-Enix).

SprSynJn3493d ago

"given that at least 90% of 360 owners are/were ps2 owners (I actually know oof no one that owners a 360 that didnt own a ps2) Konami isnt loyal at all they are abandoning like 60% of their fanbase."

So only 10% of 360 owners owned an original Xbox? You are giving it less credit than it deserves I think, and the 360 more.

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blackbeld3493d ago

MGS always will stay on PS3..... It belongs to Playstation...

talltony3493d ago

if it did go on 360 it would be the inferior version mainly because the lack of bluray. And microsoft doesnt want to fund the rage game with 3 discs. Microsoft will go to a maximum of 2 disc games.

lost23493d ago

is starting to show its power and with the blu ray capacity
there is no stopping this monster machine

predator3493d ago

yes but when an article puts in other konami games they seem to miss out the one that sells better on 360...just think they should do there research before hand

PirateThom3493d ago

I thought Pro Evo had sold better on PS3... must have been FIFA... one of the two anyway.

Either way, it's not like Konami aren't releasing 360 games, Metal Gear Solid is the exception to the rule, every other Konami game then gen has appeared on 360 and PS3, this is likely due in part to Kojima being a fan of Sony and having full say over his IPs. It's not like Square Enix where they've just stopped supporting the platform.

Mindboggle3493d ago

Look here vg chartz lists Pro evo on Ps3 outselling the 360 version by 1.1 million so i dont know where you all got that information from...And yes vgchartz isnt always right but its roughly right....give or take 100,000

eagle213493d ago

Stop with the false information. PS3 and ps2 get most of FIFA and Pro Evo sales. Japan is big for Pro Evo and PS3 bundles topped Japan those weeks. :)

Ding3493d ago

predator - 1 hour ago

4.3 -
yeah it was Fifa..


Actually it's both.

lead with PS2 - PS3 - XB360

Fifa 09

Leads with PS3 - XB360 -PS2.. Note in Europe, the PS2 still sells more than the XB360 vers, which generates more revenue.

PES 08

Led with PS2 - PS3 - XB360


leads with PS3 - PS2- XB360 no show.

So it's easy to see why EA & Konami [along with Ubisoft * Namco Bandai] were stating that the bulk of their revenue from next gen machines, was coming from the PS3, not the XB360 or Wii.

Konami released a stealth game which was an XB360 exclusive which was Tenchu Z and that bombed, yet again showing that if it isn't a shooter, MS fans aren't interested.

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