Kojima-san Talks Open World For MGS5 News

Although Hideo Kojima stuck to his words and decided against showing what he's currently working on during his GDC keynote speech, reading between the lines could possibly hint towards a change in design for the next Metal Gear title.

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sonarus3488d ago

I don't really know if an open world MGS is in the best interest of the series. I personally felt MGS4 was quite open. Probably the most open of all the games.

Snake isn't the type to jack a car or rob a bank or do the general stuff that makes open games fun. He isn't an assasin or a fugitive like sam fisher for SC conviction. I just don't see how open world can benefit the game.

But if kojima says open world i'll follow, All his MGS games have been ace as far as i'm concerned so i'll just cross my fingers that MGS5 will follow

Jamegohanssj53488d ago

This is very interesting to be honest.


lociefer3488d ago

w/e kojima decides to go with , ill buy it

Unbiased13488d ago

This could be the most awesome thing ever, just think for a second.

MazzingerZ3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

You are talking about Snake and perhaps Kojima is talking about another character that is now accepted by MGS fans = Raiden, a Ninja is the perfect character for a semi-open world with side stealth missions for an assasin.

They already explored a litte of that in MGS Portable Ops (side missions) and it didn't hurt the story. I'm sure whatever he does will be great...don't know why, I trust the man :P

Jecht3488d ago

You're assuming that MGS5 will have Snake as the lead character. The rumours are Raiden. And he's anything like he was in MGS4, an open world game could definitely work.

Milky Joe3488d ago

An open world environment like a huge enemy base or something could be really cool where you're given a whole bunch of objectives and you can tackle them however you like, in whatever order you like. That could work well I think.

And like right at the start, you have no weapons bar a knife and your trusty tranq gun, but then you can go off searching for weapons and items to make mission easier. Also, you have to sneak around everywhere at the start, but as the game goes on you can get hold of disguises and such.

That would be absolutely amazing!!!

bpac1234567893488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

IF Kojima did this it would be an instant must buy. I know that if he makes it open world it will be good, there's no doubt in my mind.

Edit: Not to bash the 360, but if Kojima does make this game open world than every 360 fan can completely scrap the idea of it ever coming to there system. There's no possible way an open world metal gear game is going to fit on a dvd 9 disk. With the ridiculously long cut scenes (all in hd)and dialogue, coupled with the amount of space an open world game takes up, its just not going to happen.

DaTruth3488d ago

Definitely not coming to 360! Imagine a open world game with 7 disks.

Seriously though, an open-world game that blows away Infamous in the technical department.

cactuschef3488d ago

I never felt that MGS4 was too open. Felt pretty linear to me.

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THC CELL3488d ago

Confirmed not on xbox to my knowledge

i guess that means we will see the 100Gig blu ray for this game soon

Montreafart3488d ago

As if there was any doubt.

Go cry us a river, xbots.

Panthers3488d ago

I think he means that you will have tons of option on how to complete an objective. You wont have to follow a specific path. Maybe you pick your own point of entry and stuff like that.

It would be bad ass.

El_Colombiano3488d ago

@ Panthers

You mean like MGS4?

ThePlaystationFour3488d ago

I'm going to jack a 2073 Metal Gear with 65' inches of beauty!

PirateThom3488d ago

Open World for MGS is an interesting idea. I mean, if there were separate warring factions and you had to actively infiltrate their bases to accomplish missions and so on, it wouldn't be that dissimilar to the "mission" structure of Portable Ops, but without the menu.


And here's the big problem, Open World game's generally don't work from a story perspective. It all hinges on the player reaching a certain point, no matter how much time passes and that doesn't work for Metal Gear. The story is one of the most important aspects of the series.


It would be interesting to see how Kojima works it.

xabmol3488d ago

It's Kojima. Why worry?

PirateThom3488d ago

Since before Metal Gear Solid 2, I have always worried. I know the game will be good, but will it meet my ridiculous expectations... Kojima's yet to let me down and I think once he does, it will be heartbreaking, so he better not.

rockleex3488d ago

The However sequel ends with a cliffhanger... in which we all have to wait for However: The Prequel.

DaTruth3488d ago

Didn't Kojima have a role in that game? That game was full of fail. Kojima must have been on drugs when he made that game. Total let down there. I guess nobody's perfect!

xabmol3488d ago

You couldn't be further from it.

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