What are video games good for? Possibly improving eyesight

People who have difficulty seeing traffic lights or cars at night, facial gestures, or when a flame is burning on a stove often suffer from poor contrast sensitivity, a condition thought to be correctable, if at all, only by eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery. Researchers now say they may have found a way to improve contrast sensitivity naturally, with the help of an unlikely source-video games.

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CaliforniaWave3584d ago

I always thought video games were bad for your eyes, I guess I've been proven wrong for the better!

XLiveGamer3584d ago

Its bad for your eyes when you are close like 1-4 feet form the screen.

xabmol3584d ago

I sit about 2 feet away from my TV while playing games in 1080p.

Don't most people sit closer than 4 feet from there computer screen? My pc has a LCD screen just like my 46 inch TV So why is one bad, but not the other?

geda3584d ago

lmfao, two feet away... that image made me laugh

shazam3584d ago

it [i]is[/i] bad to sit in front of your computer screen all day. you've never heard that?

xabmol3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

It's the only way to play pjEden and pjMonsters. 0.<


He [i]never[/i] said "all day" and it [i]is[/i] bad to sit all day [i]period[/i].

Kakkoii3584d ago

I sit in front of the computer all day. I merely take vitamins/supplements and don't take in more calories than my body needs. I've started taking a few mile walk every night or second night though.

(To people who get acne, here's a tip I've found that has kept me from breaking out. Wash your face good every morning and night. It will keep those buggers from forming. As acne mainly forms from body oil accumulation on the surface of your skin.)

The difference between sitting 2 feet from your 46 inch TV and 2 feet from your likely 17-26 inch Monitor is pixel size. Don't you wonder how TV's can be different sizes, yet are the same resolution? The bigger they are, the bigger the pixels are. Just like a lightbulb, the bigger it gets, the worse it is for you to stare at, as the filament produces a stronger light. If a bigger pixel didn't produce stronger light than a smaller pixel, the brightness of the image on a bigger TV compared to a smaller one would be a lot less.

Also sitting so close means you see the pixelation too well. The bigger the TV, the further your supposed to sit back for optimal quality viewing.

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ThaGeNeCySt3584d ago

lol it hasn't done anything to my poor eyevision :(

ASSASSYN 36o3584d ago

I have been flying for years and I was afraid playing video games was diminishing my eye sight. This is great news.

guesswhat55433584d ago

this is good news for me: i play alottt of first person shooters right now im playing: killzone 2, team fortress 2, call of duty WaW, and every now and then resistance 2 (co-op) xDDDD

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