Stats, achievements, unlockables play a role in The Conduit

It has now been confirmed that both achievements and stat-tracking will be present in The Conduit.

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ChickeyCantor3517d ago

Glad they put much effort in this game.

ChickeyCantor3517d ago

Who the hell disagreed?
I am not glad they put effort in this game? really, enlighten me on my own opinion.

BrotherNick3517d ago

I did, wanna fight about it? XD
I'm looking forward to this as well.

ChickeyCantor3517d ago

Brother...i know kung-fu.

Now if only more developers took such standards and Nintendo actually adaps to these things like achievements Wii could progress much better imo. It opens doors for developers and thats a good thing.

Doppy3517d ago

Finally someone other than Nintendo really trying to make a great game for the Wii. After this year I just might buy another Wii.

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vashivihang3517d ago

Hi guys, you might remember me from TV movies such as "when we were young" or "how are you doing"

crappy simpsons jokes aside, this game gets better and better everytime

SinnedNogara3517d ago

Finally, the Wii needed this badly!!!

hatchimatchi3517d ago

hopefully the game sells well

brycespitler3517d ago

will occupy my spring and summer

dont know about prototype yet

hatchimatchi3517d ago

yea infamous looks great, prototype looks insane from what is shown in the top 10 trailer that came out the other day. Powerbombing people off roofs and hijacking helicopters in the air. Crazy

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