CVG: Final Fantasy XIII Preview

Slowly, ever so slowly, the shape of all things Final Fantasy XIII is coming into view. Square Enix has seen fit to grace people with a new trailer - this time featuring actual gameplay. The first playable demo is only weeks away and in order to get the RPG juices flowing, Square Enix is cranking up its mighty PR machine. As well as the usual high standard of cutscene footage, this month saw a glimpse of how the game will play.

The very fact that the company has even released gameplay footage can be seen as a milestone in Final Fantasy XIII's development. Square Enix is typically very protective of its new games' mechanics - especially battle systems - so this first glimpse signifies that development is very much in the home straight.

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gaffyh3492d ago

Don't see why he is complaining about the battle system being Turn-Based. Turn-Based is most of the time a lot better than action-base rpgs

kewlkat0073492d ago

and you'll here the grumblings...

Again, Square-Enix sets the standard. Their JRPG's are what most of Japan waits for, since it takes like 1 whole gen, to get a good game.

Whatever trend Square takes, Gamers and reviewers seem to follow. I seen it happen and I hate it.

SpoonyRedMage3492d ago

Why do you hate it? I thought you liked SE games?

I think if Sakaguchi came out with a more revolutionary title than Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon Mistwalker could become a good competitor as Square and Enix once were, then we'd see some truly great game.

iamtehpwn3492d ago

bring the best conditional turn based battle system gamers have ever seen.

I think XIII will do the same for ATB. It seems like they took the concepts of X-2 and VII's battle system--the 2 games that truly defined how fun ATB can be (despite X-2's lackluster).

kewlkat0073492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

See the thing is "Sakaguchi and Uematsu" is a shadow of the old Squaresoft.

I hate that, we cannot have turn-based JRPG's and still not downplay them today because Square-Enix chose to go a certain direction, Post FFX and now we see these terms being placed in reviews. Like old-school, traditional, and not innovative enough.

If Square-enix was to make that same type of JRPG(turn-based ala FF of the past) today, I bet you sh!t would be reversed in a heartbeat. Everyone waits to see what they do and what trend they set.

It's quite simple, mostly their JRPG's get 9's. Take a look at PS2 JRPG library.(Do a little homework) Not to take anything away from other great games but everything is Meeeh.. until square releases their big games. Always been like that. I like the JRPG genre and I happen to follow the trends. I just happen to come from the old-school JRPG age.

You'll see what happens when FFXIII comes out. I don't hate Square, I dislike the "cultural stronghold" they have over the genre at times. I do think Square is a shadow of it's former self though.

SpoonyRedMage3492d ago

I kind of see what you mean and I agree I suppose, I'm certainly glad Dragon Quest IX is staying turn based. The problem is mixed signals though, there's a lot of people who hate turn based and random battles but a lot of people who love it. It's hard to balance.

Well Uematsu isn't a Mistwalker employee, he's freelance and he'd probably work for SE again if they asked(well I don't know the guy so it's a guess_ but I've got to say the soundtrack to The Last Remnant was awesome.(it was by one of the other Black Mages if IIRC)

I would love a more classic FF though, with characters with defined, preset jobs(main character as a red mage would be awesome)and the classic ATB. That'd be great.

kewlkat0073492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I play the genre so I might as well....Have you heard the "Lost Odyssey" soundtrack? I think the opening theme is one of the best.

Yes there are mix signals. I think something happened with the PS2 generation. I have not quite put my finger on it yet.

Hey look at this article and you'll see what were talking about. That's exactly what I mean. Those that grew up on PS2 think they have played only the best JRPG's.

"Thankfully, games like Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends with You, and Final Fantasy series are starting to move away from this archaeic form of combat. Still, it can't happen fast enough.

SpoonyRedMage3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Yer Uematsu did a great job on Lost Odyssey. If you're going to pick up The Last Remnant I'd recommend getting it on PC but using a gamepad.

Wow that list is terrible and is pretty much a "Top Ten things I hate about Dragon Quest" list. I love pretty much all those elements(except 7, but there's never been a really feminine main character, usually the side characters are the feminine ones).

I think the PS2 generation was really when the action RPG came into the spotlight and voice acting came into usage(obviously).

kewlkat0073492d ago

Yeah and most of the time, that main character is more feminine then feminine side

Well yeah no wonder I have not picked it up I heard of the glitches and such. Probably was rushed and SQE using the UT3. Maybe the second game will be better if they choose to outsource.

I would like more JRPG's with more serious and grown-up themes. Probably why I loved Lost Odyssey. That was a serious story. The way it was presented was nice. Okay I'll stop now.

Yeah I don't know mid Ps2's shelf life some things began to change. I actually think the JRPG market has been shrinking outside Japan. That's why SQE is trying to reach JRPG gamers in the western markets with some of it's new games.

Japanese will buy their JRPG's no doubt, regardless of what some may say. But Japan can no longer just depend on their markets for success(high cost of development), which is why we are seeing all these reach outs and JRPG's are becoming Acion-based MMOS(which have been gaining ground just as WRPG's in the west), sometimes with western art style.

You see the trend...

SpoonyRedMage3492d ago

If you've played Mass Effect you've already experienced the problems with The Last Remnant. It's significantly better on PC or if you install it to your harddrive(which was recommended).

Yes, I'd like SE to get better coders but when they outsource the coding to other devs(Level 5, Matrix software, TOSE) the game work really well because they have the excellent deisngs and the quality coding. Although the FF's have generally been excellent technically.

Well I think the FF(and JRPG) audience has been dwindling for over ten years now, because FFVII brought in ten million(or something) gamers and then with each successive entry less people buy the games because they're just not FFVII, and will probably never equal it.

Enate3491d ago

Who you telling gaff I'm so sick of these run around in a circle on jrpgs. Bring on the right stuff Xenogears/Xenosaga turn based baby I can't freakin wait.

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Omega Archetype3492d ago

...and I cannot wait. I hate the fact that newer games take so long to make, but most in the end are worth the wait, and I'm hoping that FFXIII is the same.

Panthers3492d ago

God I need a good FF game. Bring it on!!!!

leeger3492d ago

pls don't let this be a disappointment, I was really disappointed on FF12.

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