The end of the games console?

The founder of a new service that plans to stream on-demand video games over the internet says he feels like he has a big target on his back. No wonder, given that Stephen Perlman's vision to revolutionise the way games are distributed and played has been talked up as threatening the future of the console and of retail stores.

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Picnic3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

"Billy Pidgeon, an analyst with IDC, agreed that digital downloads were the way forward.

"Companies that make disc-only games will be the dinosaurs of the future."

When I hear comments like that, I think that the people who say it sound like the dinosaurs of the future or SHOULD sound like the dinosaurs of the future, even if that future is years ahead.

Even if you say that gramophones become redundant when records came out, and vinyl records became redundant when tapes came out and tapes became redundant when CDs came out, DJs amd many serious music collectors still prefer to use vinyl.

Adopting the latest technology does not necessarily make you cool.

A digital download just gives you bits of information, nothing tangible to treasure. It may be the in thing for many 18 year olds, and will no doubt become the norm for adults trying to be 'down with the kids' but you would have to prise my Megadrive cartridges and my cute Gamecube discs from my cold dead hands before I think that there is something inherently better, except for perhaps the cost (and who should care about that too much as a serious gamer?) about digital downloads. There is no soul to a download. There is less soul to a games industry in which there are not competing consoles. But the soul went a lot from gaming when Sega left the hardware market in 2001.

Rip-Ridah3580d ago

I have been gaming since 1982 and will continue to support RELIABLE hardware. I like to see my games neatly stacked up in alphabetical/numerical order so that I can admire them. No digital download service will ever take this away. I am an early PS3/360/Wii adopter so price is of no concern when it comes to getting something one truly desires. If I could spend $650+ on a console (not to mention games and so forth) I dont care if the service is half the cost. Blu-Ray has become the standard and norm in my household; and will remain for years to come.