230° - Halo 3 passes Gears of War as most popular Xbox Live Game...ever.

It's official. Halo 3 is now the most popular game in Xbox 360 history. Forget about the sales, reviews, and hype. The Power Rankings formula is the only evidence you need. This past week, Halo 3 finally surpassed Gears of War 1 in points. Halo 3 has 278 points and Gears 1 has 275. This gap will only widen in the coming weeks since Halo 3 will continue to be one of the most played games on Xbox Live.

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aggh im on fire3489d ago

I agree. I still play halo3 regularly having it from launch and im still finding new things to do.
Even after playing the campaign numerous times in solo and co-op i still find different ways of tackling the levels and the multiplayer just keeps on giving.
It may not have the best graphics (although looking now the texture work is actually very good.. have a look) but it has gameplay and great design in bucket loads.
For my money still the most complete and enjoyable fps on console so far this gen.

Software_Lover3489d ago

Whenever they comeover, its either play Halo 3 or Warhawk. Those 2 games alone make them happy. I would say its 2/3 Halo 3 and 1/3 Warhawk. but they love both.

likedamaster3489d ago

What most people fail to realize when comparing heavy hitter shooters like Halo 3 and COD4 for example, is that texture work on Halo 3 far surpasses texture work on COD4/5.

See for yourself, go up close and look at the rocks/grass etc. on Halo 3 and do the same for COD4/5, Halo 3's textures don't change or look different up close than they do from far like COD's.

On the other hand, what makes COD4/5 great and exceptional is the high quality look of it's graphics while maintaining a whopping 60 frames per second, opposed to Halo's 40 fps.

MGOelite3489d ago

the 360s legacy will always be a power rangers remake = )

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Chrisy3489d ago

Halo 3 was always the most played game on Live. And with good reason too. Gears ''online'' lacks............everything.

''DAMN YOU Gears and Halo!! YOU SUUUCK!!! How can you be so popular while no on cares for our beloved mediocre Killzone and Unwanted franchises?!?! Damn you MS!! Give us back our PS success!! We have no life outside of marketing for sony:( DAMN YOU MS, you and your filthy money that robbed us from everything WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!''


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