New Square Enix Game in the Works?

Ryan Clements over at IGN writes: "Anytime news emerges regarding a Square Enix project, the videogame community tends to listen -- and it listens pretty hard. That's why we were intrigued when a mysterious screenshot popped up in a recent issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine."

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INehalemEXI3489d ago

Milk Zack and Cloud's legacy some more why dont ya. quite beating around the bush and come with a next gen FF7 title squeenix.

Dragun6193489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

If you click on Square Enix Los Angeles Project in the article, it says its a PS3 Exclusive.

Hmm... Kingdom Hearts 3, FF7 Remake, Bouncer 2, Legacy of Kain, Threads of Fate or maybe even Brave Fencer Musashi? Nah, its probably Drakengard 3 or some new ip, i mean come on they are a new studio.

But then again its from Square Enix, Anything from those guys nowdays just sucks and is released on Xbox360. Also the fact that they have yet to actually release a PS3 game besides Crystal Defenders.... So much for staying true to multiplatform. I hope FF13 and FFVS13 Delivers cuz if it doesn't then Square Edios Enix just sucks, What the hell happend to SquareSoft.

MisterNiwa3488d ago

The Los Angeles Team was formed to bring another 360 Exclusive.

Megaton3489d ago

I can hear it flopping its way down the pipeline now.

chrisnick3488d ago

square effed up this generation...they should've stuck with ps3 and experimented later on with the 360.......they wanted money so they did the opposite and now the only money they make comes from what ms paid them to keep it off ps3. sucks to be not buying their [email protected] games

Flipfito3489d ago

does anyone have a link for this?

Wolfie3489d ago

What about new Legacy of Kain? Square bought Eidos

Lazarus693488d ago

Legacy of Kain belongs to Crystal Dynanmics Eidos just published it

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The story is too old to be commented.