PSP Outsold Wii last week in Japan

The latest Media Create hardware sales figures are in from Japan and the PSP managed to outsell the Wii! Impressive.

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ASSASSYN 36o4632d ago

It also outsold the new PS3.

MaximusPrime4632d ago

PS3 is not even a handheld device. So it doesnt matter.

MikeMichaels4632d ago (Edited 4632d ago )

....seriously though. Good news.

The PSP has become a really great system that never gets the credit it deserves.

Time to take notice.....and time for a juicy price cut! No less than $50 i'd say.

Bad_Karma4632d ago

Microsofts handheld ...wait a mo ..they don't have 1 lol

gta_cb4632d ago (Edited 4632d ago )

in trying to start arguments? cos if we wanted to we could say oh look in UK the PS3 isnt even out yet, but then there would be Sonyfanboys jumping at the chance to argue!

so please dont start! its not like anyone said there was a handheld device from Microsoft, so your comment is a total waste!

Also i want to state this is good news, if more people buy it then hopefully more/better games will come out for it, and that means more games for my PSP lol

Grown Folks Talk4632d ago

when you actually have some in the store to sell compared to the other.

anthonsh4632d ago (Edited 4632d ago )

Handhelds have been seriously dominating for a while now. I, personally, dont get it. I have one, of course, but I buy WAY fewer games for the thing. It is more like an expensive book. If you need proof that HD graphics dont matter, there is your proof.

- DS Lite: 108,512
- PSP: 56,175
- Wii: 44,494
- PS3: 32,115
- PS2: 14,585
- Xbox 360: 3,333
- Game Boy Micro: 812
- GBA SP: 679
- Gamecube: 240
- DS Phat: 119
- GBA: 13

Edit: BTW, what is with these numbers? They dont look accurate or logical to me.

Odiah4632d ago

PSP rocks, so does wii but I have far more games for my portable.

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The story is too old to be commented.