10 reasons to hate every console

Our annual Week of Hate is slowly grinding to a close, but we're not quite finished with it yet. No, before we let go, we're going to fire one last parting shot across the bow of every console on the market. Actually, we're going to fire 60 of them.


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Isis063493d ago

The truth was bound to come out...
or something like that : P

PS3istheshit3492d ago

load times and game data installs and everything
- solved by the massive 160GB plus you can buy another hard drive from any store for about $60 +

home sucks
- it does in ways but its free so you can all shut the he\\ up
first they say it has no games and now that it has so many games, they say too many are made by one company

"Killzone 2? Sony. LittleBigPlanet? Sony. Ratchet & Clank Future, Uncharted, The Last Guy, Flower, Heavenly Sword, PAIN, inFamous, God of War III and Resistance 2? All published, or about to be published, by Sony

- IN ORDER : Guerilla Games, Media Molecule, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, i dont know, i dont know, old, game, i dont, know, a bunch of studios r helping GOWIII and Insomniac again

There’s very little difference between 360 and PS3 games
-how many slaps does this person need? seriously. the games he just listed arent even possible on the 360 so what does he mean similar. my sister is 8 and im 15 but were similar aged. that is exactly how confusing his words are

Blu-ray load times are slower
- WOW the only multiplatform game thats slower is orange box. that game is painfully slow on ps3. but cod4 is way faster on ps3. my friend started it up and it took seconds longer. i personally dont care cuz its j;us seconds but man is this guy dumb

Sony doesn’t pay for platform exclusives
- yeah their kinda trying to break even on the ps3. they alredy did but they have better things to do. you know games that are actually lined up for 2009. i wouldnt buy the DLC cuz i dont got a credit card so its not really for me. but 50 million isnt worth it and Sony's too smart to blow there money everywhere like some other company run by a loser *cough* bill gates

Support for Trophies is still patchy
-Support for Trophies were patchy. have you heard of Sony announcing that all games starting 2009 will have trophy support "_"

Sixaxis never really panned out
- watever its cool to have and does a unique thing in every game. R & C= flying KZ2= load screen (im too tired to write any more so go look it up)

Firmware updates
- *sigh* another free thing that makes your experience better, is mocked - again

now if any1 has sumthing greasy to say about the PS3 just keep it on another website, otherwise Imma Hav To Cut Yo Ba11s Mang!

man i just wasted 20 minutes, whatever back to killzone 2
o sorry Games Radar, i mean another game thats made by Sony :0

3493d ago
Sackdude3493d ago

A Stupid article made by a stupid website.

kewlkat0073493d ago

......I can play ay game you praise and come up with my own opinion.

Final_Rpg3493d ago

Didn't mind all the hate things for the ps3. EXCEPT, leave firmware updates alone. I love them. They evolve my console with each one. It's not like they are giving basic maintenance. They are adding new features to improve your experience! Imagine if you had never updated your firmware. People would still be complaining about no in game xmb or divx support.

Also, home isn't that bad. It's cooler than MSN or any other social instant messenging program. And remember, it's free.

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The story is too old to be commented.