Economy leaves video game developers out of work

Los Angeles Times: "Since landing his first job in the video game industry in 1992 as a salesman at Capcom Co., Justin Berenbaum never wanted for work -- until this month."

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blackpanther253488d ago

is bringing everyone down. The only safe jobs are the health fields now.

TheColbertinator3488d ago

Yeah.I have worked as a radiologist for a few years now and its a stable job.

Sorry to see videogame developers losing work.I figured after the Wii Fit and GTA4 numbers that the industry would pull through.

HDgamer3488d ago

Health fields and police work. I can imagine gamers calling people n00bs on the job.

blackpanther253487d ago

lol that would be funny. "put your safety on noob" lol

BrotherNick3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

It's time to hire game programmers for cheap, if you got the cash. A good incentive would be a stake in their own company.

Fade_Walker3488d ago

I was thinking of getting into game development, but perhaps that would be a very poor choice.

Perhaps I'm just better off developing a small game by my self.

MK24ever3488d ago

I would agree with you, if we were in 1983-1990...

kewlkat0073488d ago

You know I got a feeling this is going to spur new development with all these talented mofos, out of work. I imagine 2 years form now some will be looking to build there new studios with new independent gaming.

I know it's sucks right now but sometimes this is what takes place. People find each other in rough times and create new and fresh things/ideas.

Rise from the soon as small businesses get back on their feet and Banks begin to lend again.

On another Note I bet you getting a job to develop for the Wii will skyrocket because of the cheaper cost. Even Sony had to get cheaper dev kits to maintain.

blackpanther253488d ago

yeah man i hope so. I have a lot of friends that major in these fields thats why im so concerned. Im thinking of buying that dev kit for $2000 and getting them together to make something.

XLiveGamer3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

So the gaming industry its recession proof right?

When you don't know the answer to a question, the answer is almost always 'money,' because in the way we live this days in the end, everything comes down to money.

Well one company its going to have a hard time next year if they don't pull an spectacular xmas sale for their console & video game division.

I am helping them this xmas with a console and 2 copies (Sigma 1 & 2)

ActionBastard3488d ago

They aren't the only ones...

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