Gamer 2.0: BioShock 2 Preview

Gamer 2.0: "Back in 2007 Bioshock was released and the first-person shooter genre has never been the same since. Achieving stellar critical praise and impressive sales, Bioshock quickly became one of the most popular titles on the Xbox 360 thanks in part to its eerie underwater -utopia atmosphere and innovative plasmid mechanics. The PS3 got its hands on Bioshock last year and even more fans have grown to love the game's thrilling action and chilling vibe. With all of Bioshock's success, it is hard to imagine how the sequel could trump the first game's popularity, but from what we have seen already, 2K Marin looks to make Bioshock 2 even more engaging and enjoyable than Bioshock ever was."

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KionicWarlord2223495d ago

"Since you are now in control of a Big Daddy everyone will seemingly leave you alone as you roam the halls. Splicers won’t attack you one on one, Big Daddies won’t get unnerved when you approach them, and events and machines will react differently thanks to your new social status." guess this means will be going deeper.

ShabzS3495d ago

hopefully now that we get a underwater suit with the big daddy we get to explore rapture out of the buildings ... i just hope they fixed the shooting aspect of the game it was seriously week and unrewarding ... just didnt feel the kill ya know

Picnic3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

So Bioshock 2 is set in 1970? No wonder things haven't got better for Rapture. At least the outside real world would have really started to look about the same as Rapture in this decade with unburied dead and rubbish piling up.

I reckon that Ken Levine is saving himself for Bioshock 3 set in 1980, where dystopian socialism has been replaced by conservative Thatcherism. Bioshock 3 will be more Bladerunner I reckon- did I mention Ridley Scott went to my school?