God Of War 2 Ending

If you're the sort who reads the last page of a book before its beginning, bask in the various recordings of the God of War 2 ending that have found their way to YouTube. We picked the extra-long seven-minute cut; witness several missteps by Kratos in addition to the finale.

Warning *Spoiler*

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GaMr-4630d ago

Why would you do this. This game is sooo epic. everyone should play through it on their own. I starting a petition to ban all God of War endings from the internet. Its just not right. Everyone should enjoy this masterpeice from start to finish. lol

wildcat4630d ago (Edited 4630d ago )

So, tempting! I Have, to, resist, your, delicious, avator !

GaMr-4630d ago

Its Monthly. I have a contest the best assss gets to be my avatar.

Toolman4630d ago

Not tempting at all actually. Im getting close to the end i think, will see the end in its glory on my tv and not some bad youtube crap. Loving the game so far, if u have a ps2 and like action/adventure games its a must buy!

TheMART4630d ago

Even better.

The PS2 for 100 dollar/euro is a must buy for this game! For that amount of money buying a console it's even worth it for this game and some other great ones.

Last gen PS2 + this gen 360 Premium + maybe for the fun factor a Wii

Spend about the same as a PS3 premium + a Sony certified HDMI cable and have multiple times more fun. That's why PS2 is still selling, because it's worth it and the PS3 isn't.

Go get God of War 2 plus that PS2 you won't regret it

FirstknighT4630d ago

So Zeuz is the father of Kratos? Zeuz kills Athena. Kratos stabs Zeuz like a 100 times and still manages to escape. Than I guess some big wooden titty bit** climbs the mountain with Kratos to finish Zeuz. And than you get....TO BE CONTINUED...

Good stuff.

kamakazi4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

damn mart youre sad, how many times havent you repeated that Sh!t. get out buddy, find a really need it. your anti sony campaign is just much does MS pay you to be on here. seriously buddy your obsession with sony is sick, seek help.