Why Bayonetta Could Be the Best Action Game This Generation

Bayonetta may be under the radar so far but it has all the ingredients to end up being the best action game this generation.

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Dragun6193543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Bayonetta could be good, but to be this generation's best action game i doubt it because its has tough competition.

I mean Come on, GOD OF WAR 3 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Both exculsives to PS3 and both offer amazing content. God of War 3 has moving environments such as fighting on a Titan shown in the trailer and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 has co-op play, both equal badass.

Bayonetta has a chick that is covered with her own hair and she shoots guns from her heels and hands and looks like Sarah Palin ....hmm...
i guess you could call that badass. hope this game will have something to seperate it fron the rest of the games coming out cuz my wallet can't afford it all.

Rikitatsu3543d ago

BAYONETTA Will be the best action hack and slash this year. No doubt about it.

INehalemEXI3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

2 stylish hack n slash w/ playable characters that include bo0b physics of 09


Onechanbara also has the physics but is not on the level of the 2 above.

2 Epic hack n slash of 09

God of War 3


I can't choose which is greatest yet but I want all of them. (leaning towards GoW3)

Muramasa: The Demon Blade looks like it might be the best 2D hack n slash.

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jkhan3543d ago

Kratos says hi to everyone:P

RememberThe3573543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

how awesome the God of War games are. It maybe the most consistent (consistently awesome!) Action/adventure franchise out there.

onijutsu3543d ago

like the article says, they are different genres(almost anyway), its difficult to compare the two, god of war is sort of an easier version of the bayonetta/dmc/ninja gaiden genre, its not bad, its just different. For me, i prefer the bayonetta style, you have more control over whats going on.

if you disagree CLICK disagree, don't mindlessly take my bubbles away...

Max Power3543d ago

i click disagree and i took a bubble way because you said not to.

jkhan3543d ago

How are they different Genre? They are both Action Platformers like NG and DMC, the only difference is God of War has more cinematic flare, a better story (while others don't even have a story to begin with except DMC4, which had a nice story until Dante came along and back tracked through levels) I have no idea how Bayoneta story will be but from the initial trailer it will most probably be a mix of NG and DMC. Plus God of War series has THE BEST CAMERA in Action/Adventure Genre, not even once did I had to fight with the Camera during GOW 1 & 2. Plus obviously the visuals and the scale. I am not knocking off Bayoneta, it will be awesome because of it's director but it will take more than just big b00bs and big @$$ to take down Kratos.

onijutsu3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

but are you being funny, or do u genuinely think i did something bad by saying not to take away my bubble if u disagree with me?

seriuosly help me understand if i did something wrong, i don't mean to be someone who belongs in the open zone...
at 2.4
From the article:
"The lone exception could be God of War III. However, not many people believe that it should belong in the same category despite from being in the same genre. God of War places emphasis on delivering a spectacle while the other three aforementioned titles are more combat-focused."
sorry i misread the article, they are in the same genre but are different.
what i said was i prefer bayonetta because its more combat focused, and to me its more fun than god of war's gameplay style.
Dmc4 story was crap even before you switched to dante imo.

And for a japanese character in a game her boobs aren't that big, but her ass is lol, there a breasts in god of war as well on the harpies right? (actually forget about that part just jkz, not really part of a constructive response)

What i like about bayonetta is that it brings a different perspective to the style that makes this genre so much fun, god of war brought savagery, dmc brought its own style and bayonetta is the latest addition. God of war III will be a great game no doubt and all those points you said about the game are true, but bayonetta seems more interesting because its fresh, God of War is still a must buy for me though.
can you give me a bubble i have run out lol:p

ThanatosDMC3542d ago

God of War isnt really leaning on the stylish action games. God of War is more hack and slash with quick timed events. It works for it but it's not the same as this game, DMC, or NGS.

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chidori6663543d ago

i hope because shinji mikami.

SoapShoes3543d ago

But I don't think it'll top God of War 3.

lord_of_balrogs3543d ago

Everyone seems to forget that Darksiders is being released this year as well.

frayer3543d ago

God of War vs Bayonetta


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