Why Can't Windows Shut Down Promptly?

CNET Writes:

"Back in the old days when TVs and radios had tubes, it took a couple of minutes for a set to warm up before you could watch or listen. But even then, you could turn it off instantly. That's not true with Windows PCs. Not only does it sometimes take seemingly forever for them to boot, but it can take several minutes for one to shut down.

Even worse, if a program stops responding, you may or may not be able to shut it down. And even if it does terminate, it may take awhile.
And by the way, I'm not just talking about Windows XP and Vista. I'm having the same problem with Windows 7 though, to be fair, the new operating system is still in beta so it's possible that Microsoft could amaze and delight me by fixing this in the final version."

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Godmars2903544d ago

Like all Window issues, which tend to only get worse.

Domenikos3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

A: Lame OS

By: Win XP user =(

IdleLeeSiuLung3544d ago

Usually it is the programs you install that causes the problems, not Windows itself.

I have run all flavors of Windows and they seem fine to me. Almost always the culprit is some nasty program running in the background that won't shut down.

cherrypie3544d ago

This guy is a fcuking jack ass. As the comment above me states, its not the OS that arent shutting down properly, its the application.

Want to kill a process in Windows -- without fail or question? Use

And, W7 shutsdown and startsup faster than my Ubuntu install.

This guy is trolling, and the other jackasses above me (Godmars290,
Domenikos) are just trolling too.

Where the fcuk are the moderators on this siht-site?

Viper73544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I got plenty of programs installed in my Ubuntu, yet it only takes only few seconds for the computer to shut down. Reboot happens withing 2-3mins (including log on)

So its not fault of the programs but the way Windows handless its programs :)

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poeo3544d ago

i once had to leave in a hurry to visit my parents for a few days, so i "turned off" Windows XP, but it took way too long, so i just left it like that and ran out the door, assuming it would eventually shutdown by itself, because thats what i ordered it to do.

when i came back 3-4 days later, it was still stuck on the "shutting down Windows" screen. noooot good.

poindat3544d ago

That happens to me as well occasionally. Extremely annoying when you turn it off (or you think you have), crawl in bed, and have to climb out again when you realize it isn't going to shut off.

njr3544d ago

I cannot count the number of times that has happened to me.

cherrypie3544d ago

That is because the **APPLICATIONS** are bad. Not Windows. Windows sends a signal to the App to shut off, if it doesnt respond it doesnt shut down.


Because if it **DID** you'd be the first idiot in here screaming about how Windows shutdown and you had forgotten to save your work , and how the "The OS should never evner!1one! shut down if there is unsaved work in an application!!one!!"

This is done for a goddamn reason.

Want to kill an unresponsive app? USE TASKKILL!

Viper73544d ago

No its not, its only the way windows handless its applications. If windows cant shut down program properly it should kill it or something similar. No other operating systems suffer from this so how can we blame the applications?

so guess the software on mac and Linux are way superior in quality when compared to windows? is that what you mean?

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PinkFunk3544d ago

It's earth hour right now so my macbook is running on battery - going to die soon. Hm, i'm sure the point of the hour is to take time off electronics in general... Anyway, i'm running Leopard on my Mac, and never have any problems shutting down, which is nice. I made the switch about 2.5 years ago, haven't looked back since. My macbook is 2.5 yrs old, and runs just the same as when I got it (except for the battery, which lasts only about 1 hour now - but batteries die). Anyhow, f**k Windows, I'd either go Linux or MacOS at this point. Not that Windows ain't good for nothin', but I've made my choice.

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