PSi: MLB 09 The Show PS3 Review

PSi writes: "It isn't uncommon to say that a sports title has built on its successor, but MLB 09: The Show does it in so many ways that it is really hard to pick through the smaller details and knock it for anything. This isn't to say that it's a perfect title, but when a game gets so much right, it is really hard to knock it for the smaller things".

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ThatCanadianGuy3543d ago

Nice.Not a big fan of Baseball, but i might just pick this up based on the amount of stellar reviews it's got.

Another AAA heavy hitter for the PS3

callahan093543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I like baseball, but don't really play sports videogames. The last time I played a baseball videogame was on the NES (completely serious). I went and visited my brother 2 weeks ago, and he has MLB 09 The Show . . . I can say that the presentation is amazing, the graphics and sound are fantastic, the gameplay seems really quite nice. The only thing that's keeping me from buying the game is that I SUCK AT IT! Don't be fooled: this game is HARD. Like, REALLY hard. Pitching, you get used to rather quickly. Fielding is really handled quite well, but when you're losing and your opponent is getting a lot of hits and has men on base, sometimes choosing whether to have your outfielder throw to the middle-man or directly to base, and remembering which base to throw to, it gets complicated and you find yourself fouling up and making the wrong choices a lot if you're not experienced at baseball (which I am not). And the hitting can only be described in two words: "Sweet jesus." It is HARD. Very tough to time correctly, but even more tough to be able to tell whether you're being met with a strike-zone or a ball. I often think "Oh, that's a ball, for sure." And it's a strike! And then I'm like "I gotta swing at this one" and after I swing and miss it's quite obvious that it would've been a ball.

So, yeah, while the game is impeccably well done and very realistic, it's extremely challenging. The trophies are no walk in the park either. My brother seems to be online playing this game ALL THE TIME, he has to have put in at least 60 or 70 hours by now, if not more. And he has only unlocked 4 of the trophies.

Montrealien3543d ago

Another what?

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This is easily one of the greatest sports franchises, I have it on my PsP and PS3.