Modern Warfare 2: What to Expect

COD4 managed to innovate in its multiplayer presentation in such a spectacular fashion that other shooters are still playing catch-up. Now that Modern Warfare 2 (sans the Call of Duty moniker) has been announced, it's time to speculate on what we might see (and what we should expect) in Infinity Ward's upcoming shooter.

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BGDad3491d ago

With tender poo on the side!

kevlar3491d ago

Well I just hope they support the game longer this time, I sold my copy of COD 4 months ago when I realised there would be no more maps released. IW really missed the boat there as far as I'm concerned. I can't play the same game over and over for ever without new content like some people do.

Hellsvacancy3491d ago

Im with u, u would of thought that they may atleast release a trophy patch 4 such a popular game

y0haN3490d ago

I'd rather they were making the new game than more maps. I think MW2 will be better-supported. Besides, I didn't have to pay for the maps (PC) so I didn't really mind.

I think they dropped the "CoD" to differentiate themselves from Treyarch. They really don't like those guys :D.

DominusRebellis3490d ago

Based on the IW's pathetic lack of support for the PS3 version and obvious favourtism for the 360, this game shouldn't even be purchased new for the PS3. If anything, buy it used and don' give them the sale. IW didn't give a sh1t about the PS3 version or it's players for CODMW so why should they now?

GameGambits3490d ago

I'm at the point now as a consumer where once an idea comes to fruition that completely dominates the old method that I don't want to devolve back to the old.

With that said dedicated servers is the present peak for optimal MP fun for games. If a developer doesn't have it, then they don't care about the consumer and are just out to make a quick buck.

If IW doesn't have dedicated servers then I won't even give this game a rental.

Host games are like dial up, and dedicated servers are high speed internet. How many of you would like to go back to dial up now?

SIdepocket3490d ago


Dedicated servers don't work for console games like COD4. Too many people connecting = too much revenue spent on server maintenance.

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3491d ago

More sucking up to Micro$oft's xBox 360??? :-/

Why??? Well they couldn't be @SSED to do Rumble or Trophies for the PS3 version. Thanks.
So...Well i can't be @SSED giving them my money, so i might buy it off eBay 2nd hand!!!;)

Deadman643490d ago

hmmm maybe they work harder on the version they know will sell more? But but sales dont mean anything?!?! Actually they do, not everything, but they do mean something

crillyconlig3491d ago

it would make such a statement is they pushed the boat out and went with dedicated servers

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