Actor Malcolm McDowell talks about his work in Wing Commander and Red Alert 3: Uprising

As part of his promotion for Red Alert 3: Uprising, Malcolm McDowell talks about his early video game work with Wing Commander and how it prepared him for his return to gaming in Red Alert 3: Uprising.

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Xandet3491d ago

Ever since a saw Clockwork Orange years ago (still ranking among my favorite films of all-time), I've been a fan of his. I'm sure his presence in the live action cut scenes do the game good..

Garethvk3491d ago

He has had an interesting career. He faded from mainstream but always worked, then roared back in the Wing Commander games and became a sort of fad bad guy in Tank Girl and others. He faded from mainstream again and roared back with Heroes. A true pro who has survived for decades in a changing industry. I think the key was that despite being a classic actor, he has never been above playing the heavy in a genre film.