PS3: The Mercedes of Gaming ?

Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer has revealed that if the PS3 fails, it is due to Sony positioning the machine as the Mercedes of the video game industry.

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CyberSentinel4258d ago

"PS3 is after a different audience and it can be whatever it wants — a home server, game device, even a computer."

A movie player, is what it is.

Blind Lemmings, Sony Loves You.

BIadestarX4257d ago

It's not that the PayStation 3 is a bad console, but just like the Mercedes it's has it's targeted to a very specific group of people.
Someone that has money and it's 100% loyal to the brand and it's not willing to try other brands.

PureGamer4257d ago

im a casual gamer, and im getting all 3. Theres to many people who cant save there money or who havent got a job.

Bathyj4257d ago

I think Playstation users are more likely to play an Xbox than the other way around. Most PS owners dont hate the XB even though they might not want one. Its the Xb fans that are usually bashing the other console trying to convince everyone that they are the only right answer are PS owners are either wrong, blind, stupid or biased. I happen to be getting all three. You probably know my favourite but that doesn't mean I hate the others. Wii is my least favourite because the games lineup frankly is one game. But I'm still not about to talk anyone who wants a Wii out of it. Its their choice.

If Sony has a failing its trying to do too much, but to be honest thats one of the things I like about them. They are not afraid to take risks when it would be so easy to take the easy path. Playstations appeal to lots of different players for lots of different reasons.

BIadestarX4257d ago

Bathyj, how is that possible? XBox 360 owners/fans for the most parts either own a Playstation or used to. For most of them the 360 is not the first console they owned. If anything they used to be Playstation fans. I am one of those. I will also eventually own a PS3; but for now I am prioritizing what I buy first based on the console that has more to offer today.

techie4257d ago

Lol. I wonder if you've seen that games that have been posted is about the games and when more come this skoda will take off.

Maddens Raiders4257d ago

I posted a story that stated the PS3 was a "Lexus" last year!

Is that a trade-in balloon lease or purchase on the Benz?lol

GaMr-4257d ago

That SLR might look good to people who dont have it. But believe me Its a crap assss car. If you wanna drop a half million on a car. Stay away from the SLR. Its the worst half million dollar ride you can ever have. Go with a Murcielago instead. Or Gallardo spider. Sorry I just had to spread the word on that. I probably just saved someone on this site 500,000 dollars. lol

Anyways back on topic I find it funny that he would use mercedes. I remember talking with a freind the other day about how Mercedes always had the edge on BMW's but lately BMW's have been cheaper and better looking than Mercedes. I think he chose the wrong car for his analogy. And what does that make the Wii ( A hyundai) lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.