Saints Row: Game Vision

Working with THQ and Volition, IGN secured a two-pronged exclusive that gives gamers an unparalleled in-depth look at the making of its urban mayhem game, Saints Row. Created as a 3D, open design game in the style and structure of Grand Theft Auto, Volition takes the genre, gives it a next-generation look and feel and brings a fully-fledged and unprecedented online component to the genre.

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FamoAmo6185d ago

This Allen guy votes lame on every 360 post!! I wish Allen would post so we know why he thinks all the 360 articles are lame... Anyway this is gonna kill GTA until the new GTA comes out!! The game is developed by the same guy who developed GTA so its gonna rock!!

Gamer136185d ago

Can,t wait to get my hand on the final version, this will be a most buy for me %100.

Nodoze6185d ago

This paragraph makes me very nervous with respect to the final results:

The emphasis on open world gameplay was always there. We wanted to develop a game that was less linear than most and gave the gamer a great deal of freedom. We initially wanted to forego any type of story for the sake of freedom, but decided after a while that gamers would still want a story arc and story elements, and would feel lost without them. This was easier said than done. We gradually came up with the four storylines and the concept of Respect unlocking Missions. We spent a good deal of time defining the Activities: how they interacted with Respect, how you triggered them, what kind of progression they offered, etc... This part of the Design was ongoing through most of the cycle.

Look at the verbage used! The fact that they gradually 'pasted' a story onto the existing game may end up killing this game entirely. I love open ended play, but if the story is a$$, what is the point?

The BS Police6185d ago

Since when are GTA fans worried about the story?????

The GTA Games have no plot at all, and they are just about meaningless violence!

Gamer136185d ago

Who care about storyline once i got missions to do im ok and also online multi player will keep this game going untill GTA next gen comes out.

Playing this game online will just be mind blowing. Can,t wait

mikeeno76185d ago

just thought you should know, it's the Crackdown developer (Real Time Worlds- David Jones) who had past experience in GTA. Volition's Saint's Row staff and all branches of THQ have never had experience in GTA, it's just a new unique product for them all...

FamoAmo6185d ago

I thought the guy help develope GTA??? R U sure?

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