GamesOnSmash: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Review

Sega Ultimate Genesis Collection took me down memory lane with the compilation of games they put forth within this title. There are 40 classics to choose from and 9 unlockable games, plus unlockable interviews.

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soxfan20053490d ago

The fact that a compilation like this is not only being produced, but is a top seller, is further proof that while SNES may have won the initial battle (1990-1996), Genesis has gone on to win the war. Most of the games on this collection still look and play great, even by todays standards. While most 16-bit games for other consoles have faded into oblivion, Sega Genesis games still compel today's gamers to play these classics. This collection is only a start - you could easily fill 2 more discs with excellent Genesis games. Unfortunately, some of the best games will never see a re-release because it is doubtful that the publishers still own the rights to them - namely the amazing Disney platformers. The Genesis was the pinnacle of 2-D gaming, and it's success is just further proof that greatest games will always stand the test of time.

This is just the latest in a long line of Genesis collections that have been produced over the years for nearly every console, including PS2, Xbox, and Gameboy Advance. No SNES collections have ever been produced (although SNES games are available on Wii virtual console, along with Genesis games).

Sega Genesis - still going strong after 20 years.

Picnic3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Soxfan2005, you said exactly what I think although, to be fair, the SNES did have some good games also e.g Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country and multiformat games tended to look and sound better on the SNES.

However, although the SNES had better technical specifications on paper, the Nintendo style didn't always display this in the same way as the flashier Sega style. The Megadrive also had a processor that ran at about twice the speed of the SNES, which makes me wonder what Sonic the hedgehog would have played like on a SNES. I think that the SNES visuals tended to be warmer (or fuzzier if you like) around the edges whereas Megadrive graphics tended to have a more crisp (or clinical if you like) finish.

Some Megadrive Disney games were, indeed, absolutely outstanding. Aladdin and World Of Illusion in particular are my favourites (I think that World Of Illusion in particular is a bit of a masterpiece) with Quackshot also worthy. I found Castle of Illusion too difficult though.