Why didn't Killzone 2 do 1 million at launch? Underground Hype 14

Underground Hype is back like cooked crack. We're a little late but it's all good because we have a banger of a show for you this week. On the cast we have Quentyn, Adrian, Keem, Jason, and Michael, and despite the fact that some of us were in drunken zombie mode (aka ready to drool at the sight of a bed), we got excited for some interesting things that happened over the past week and a half in gaming and at GDC. We give our opinions about the OnLive gaming service, whether or not we think this could be the last generation of gaming as Michael Pachter thinks, why Killzone 2 could not outsell Halo Wars or The Lost and Damned, and a lot more, so hit the play button you see below.

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GWAVE3580d ago

Sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales sales > actually playing video games, apparently.

Blame Microsoft. Nope, calling me a fanboy or a troll doesn't change the fact that this is the first generation of consoles EVER where gamers and the media cared so much about sales, and you can thank Microsoft's constant "we're ahead! we're ahead! Er, we're in second place!" ranting for that.

uxo223580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Stop right there, you can't blame Microsoft. Blame Sony and the PS3 fans that didn't buy the damn game. There was Halo3 like hype placed around this game. If it didn't sell 1 million on launch it's because its so-called supporters did not support it.

Besides, people were saying that this game had over a million in preorders. Are pre-orders not calculated into launch sells; Or was that just more hype?

So, lets stop blaming others for our misfortunes and take a look in the mirror. The people who agreed with you are probably the ones best fitting this category.

GWAVE3580d ago

@ Capt CHAOS

"You mean that sales have never been the most important thing?"

Uhhh, not to gamers. I could care less what matters to business execs and board members.

@ uxo22

You totally missed the point. Good job.

Dread3580d ago

what the hell does ms have to do with this!

and are u really sugesting that before ms sales did not matter!


only in N4G

joydestroy3580d ago

you know, reading some of the things people write in here is just great entertainment.

CaseyRyback_CPO3580d ago

Halo3 hype = $30 million dollars in paid advertising. This is not standard. Unless KZ2 got the same(or any game) its not going to strike millions in the first 2 days. There were no Gears of War 2 cgi commercials ran 24/7 either. The advertising campaign was light at best.

If you can understand how a game like kz1 gets made into a sequel, Then you can understand how important it is to sell millions at day one. Its not, its something that Microsoft has injected into this gaming generation as a gloating point. If it was true, that games have to sell millions within the first two days or else, we wouldn't have any titles. Multiplats or exclusive. Its a myth to think that Naughty Dog/Insomniac/KojimaPro is all sitting and pulling their hair out for the first initial month release numbers, nope. They are working on more projects, because games sell over a lifetime.

I know 360 fans have little to do these days game wise on n4g just like last year, and like to pretend that sales mean game sequels. But Resistance 1 & 2, Uncharted 1 & 2, Motorstorm 1 & 2, LBP(3 deal game), Kz1&2 all say hello. You can directly blame MS for the idea that millions = sequels. Its just plain not true in some cases. Is rare going to go out of business because Banjo Kazooie sold less than 150k copies? Probably not.

The people on this site without any games to play would rather make sales more important than actual game quality, but eh.. no dice folks. KZ2 was a quality game, with second to none visuals that are literally impossible on the 360. Thats why there is still so much hate surrounding it. Yes, if you dont have a ps3. You missed out on a game that pushed gaming forward to a new level that the unreal engine cant hang with. Nothing wrong with that, you'll catch it when the ps3 has a price drop. No need to hate.

Pretty much, if Sony keeps creating games the way they do, and they are great AAA titles. Who cares if it sells 1 copy? I dont get any more/less benefit from sales, else I wouldn't be seeing Motorstorm2 or Resistance2, or Heavy Rain, or God of War, and Gran turismo. I do benefit from amazing titles that are impossible to play on any other device except a PS3. And thats what gets delivered, and thats what was delivered with KZ2.

I really do hope they can turn sales tracking into a game, you guys might have something to play one day. Maybe XNA it?

Milky3580d ago

Official sales please or the article is the equivalent to a fairytale.

eagle213580d ago

So 2 days in Feb. and Top 5 NPD is bad?

Sayai jin3580d ago

Right now no one really knows how many copies KZ2 sold to date. Honestly, if it sold less than 1 million would it take away the fact that this is a top notch game, arguably the best gfx to date. For those who are concerned with sales, it will sell a lot over time if it has not already.

@GWAVE- I understand what you are trying to say in general, but diehards are to blame not MS or Sony. You say you do not care about sales, but here is a recent from you-

`When Sony entered the video game market, it completely dominated right out of the gate for two generations (PS1, PS2), and even though they are flailing a bit with the PS3, it's a solid system with very solid sales. They entered the handheld market, and while they still are losing to the DS, they've managed to sell almost 50 million PSPs, something no non-Nintendo handheld has ever done.'

Lets just say that us gamers should be concerned with gaming and let the stock holders and game devs worry about sales.

game on...

uxo223580d ago

I thought I understood the point you were trying to make. By all means please do explain your point.

RememberThe3573580d ago

Killzone 2 has not sold as much as we thought it would. It's sold well, but just not as good as we thought.

That is why we sit here giving Sony so much sh*t for not pushing their games. This is not to say that the game isn't selling well, just that Sony didn't push it very well at all (at least SCEA didn't).

It's like Casey said, games don't need to sell a million the first day, but a game like this should sell more then 300 thousand in two days.

The problem that I am having with Sony is that we are selling their games, not them. It is not my job to make sure their games sell, but they continue to ride their fans in hope that the hype we create will push sales.

How about putting some money behind an advertising campaign? I've said this before, but the NCAA men basketball tournament is on right now yet we see no Killzone 2 commercials. It's nearly the same freakin audience. Come on SCEA, you have to spend money to make money...

cmrbe3580d ago

KZ2 is perhaps doing better than 85% of games that were released sales wise.

What i am saying is. Its not normal for a game to sell a million copies at launch. Very,very few games do. I doubt even GT3 or GT4 sold a million copies on day 1. What really matters is how many units sold overall.

PS3istheshit3580d ago

microsoft sony wii
actually not wii cuz they didnt care about sales
they knew their graphics were [email protected] but they put mario and all the unique games that were at least fun
i bought killzone 2 and i thought it was more than worth it
the campaign in that game and resistance 2 was awesome
how would sales affect me
it would only b good for online cuz there would be more ppl
if u ask me next gen games are too short
jak and daxter games took me about a year to beat
cuz i got stuck sumtimes and it was really challenging
i think adventure games are the best
ratchet and clank, jak and daxter, god of war, most ps2 games
and wat jack @$$ took away 2 player
me and my friends were trying to play the new midnight club, dragon ball z (i know but its a really fun game), and a lot of shooters
y would they take off split screen offline
dragon ball z budokai 3 is the funnest game ever in 2 player
i would trade online for offline multiplayer anyday
games need more hours of gameplay and at least offline multiplayer
i want next gen split screen!!!!
F sales!

CrazzyMan3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

People, probably fanboys, make TOO BIG deal about sales.

GOOD games should sell a lot, but in reality not all good games sell a lot, Ico and SotC are good examples of that. But this doesn`t make these games worse.

For me, the game can sell ONE copy, as long as that ONE copy is mine. =))

pain777pas3580d ago

Playstation gamer are more diverse in there taste of games. Seriously I like Oblivion, LBP, Uncharted, Wipeout, SF4, Flower and KZ2. I haven't got it yet but definitely will eventually.

chewy3173580d ago

IT DID DO 1 MILLION AT LAUNCH!!! =0 wtf is this guy smoking

Tru_Blu3579d ago

I blame Mountain Dew. Aholes'

ultimolu3579d ago

GWAVE is absolutely right. Back in the days, the only thing people cared about was the quality of the games. Now, it seems this generation is all about sales.

'Oh, a game flops hard because it didn't do x, y, and z sales'.

It's not even about the quality of the game anymore. >:\

SiLeNt KNighT3579d ago

some of you guys have to be joking. simply look at the lineup of games on each console. if ps3 had no other good games Killzone 2 would have sold 4 million copies in the two days of feb. Don't try to cover up a lack of games for the 360 with..."Halo sells millions at launch". yeah well no sh!t, when theres no other games to play except for Halo, GeOW, and Viva Pinata those games SHOULD sell well. When i look at what games my friends are playing on the ps3 theres such a variety sometimes its hard to meet up with them.

IaMs123579d ago

I have the same problem as you looking at my friends list and seeing everyone has new games or different games thinking and deciding what in the heck i should play. I cant keep up with it too. I do wish Devs cared more about quality and not quantity. Because Quality can bring Quantity, at least my money.

Oh yah did i mention that i use a 360..

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Zeus Lee3580d ago

But many a Sony game have sold over a Million copies with below average Marketing campaigns,look at the amazing Little Big Planet for proof of this.

So anyways,they don't need the game to sell much more than 2 Million copies in order to make a significant profit and be truly satisfied with the entire project,judging by Little Big Planets continued performance of excellence at Retailers worldwide,it's safe to say Killzone 2 will join it in the 2 Million+ sold in about 3-4 months or so.

HDgamer3580d ago

Do you have the total sales of the whole February? No? then shut up. It was sold only on the last 2 days, this month is almost done with so we'll get the real NPD numbers. But fanboys just to let you know, you can't play numbers.

Alcon3580d ago

Well I have to agree with Zeus Lee on the fact that marketting was terrible. The only time I saw an advert for KZ2 was 2 weeks after its release!!, and you would be very lucky to be able to find it again on tv. There are no posters on the streets, to advertise the game or the pack console/game. While I often saw adverts on tv, for XBox/Wii games/consoles , and I've seen many adverts on street, for the Xbox,Wii and their games. But PS3 and its games are almost non existant.
Maybe they don't want to give to much money on marketing, but besides the people going on the net to inform themselves, no one knows this game is even out(some of my friends (who own a PS3) did not know anything about KZ2 either). So if Sony wants to sell its games in the millions, they should step up their marketting. But it seems they are happy to have their games sell 1 million the first month, and then gradualy and hopefully reach the 2 mill. It's like they don't want the games to sell crazy numbers. Personaly I don't care, but for them it's a bad strategy, and many people miss out on great games.

RememberThe3573580d ago

With the advertising they have going now, there is no chance of that.

Zeus Lee3580d ago

We're going to need The Lost and Damned numbers first before making such claims,there's a reason why they aren't announcing the numbers right now.

Hint;It's not doing as hot as they thought it would.

blackboyunltd3580d ago

tlad already broke the xbl download record, so you know they crushed killzone 2

ViceKingz3580d ago

the fact that is costed 20 bucks and was sold at the middle of February may be reasons why

Saigon3580d ago

actually that is inncorrect...the game broke sales records not downloaded records on xbl...look at the articles related to that case and note the wording...also this was only claimed by one source...kataku...and everyone knows they have a hidden agenda against sony...

crck3580d ago

It broke the record for revenue of dlc on xbl. Which means it outsold horse armor and other added content like the Fall Out 3 and Fable 2 stuff. At $20 a pop it costs at least twice as much as that other stuff. Not that big a deal in my book. As for sales, Metal Gear Solid 4 didn't even sell a million in its first month including PS3 bundles and it went on to sell 4 million plus worldwide in 8 months so really who gives a crap.

Sevir043580d ago

in Japan it sold 500K and in both the us and EU/uk they sold like 500k and 700k They in 3 days they sold 1.2 million, and that was including bundles. In stand alone sales MGS hit a million in the states in december as proved by NPD and gamasutra. so the whole time most people in the US were waiting for the 80g bundle to buy MGS4 and a ps3... in any case it's pretty safe to say KZ2 by now has sold in excess of 1.5 million. It's far more popular in the UK and EU,AUS pal region and has been consistent in being number one across teh board up until RE4HD remix was released for S3 and xbox 360 just over a week ago. and still it's remained in the top 5 across both regions for the week that followed. KZ2 debuted at the #5 best selling game in 2 days of sales.. It's safe to say that the opening week for the game in March was pretty much a strong sell through for a game like that I say March's NPD will likely show this game at Number 3/4 with RE4HD remix at 1 and 2 respectively.. i'm sure KZ2 has surpassed 2 million already. The game has got the praise and gameplay to show it. I'd say it's sold 1 million in week 1 alone across the world. In the US however, it'll be about a month or 2 before it hits a million

brycespitler3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

what u said are not facts
your expressing opinions

ppl dont seem to understand their are different ways of saying things
for example u could say to your gf "babe idk y but i dont like that shirt" or u can say, "b!tch u look fuccking ugly...wait why are u crying, i was just stating MY OPINION."

alot of ppl have lots of fun playing online with psn and do not have problems

i for one never have problems with psn....ppl are always on when i wanna play a certain game and i dont experience lag (except for mgo which isnt even psn based but p2p network konami made)

so get off your high hirse thinking your opinion is the end all of the worlds opinion...
your comment was not factual and based on an opinion that apparently other ppl dont agree with

so stop crying and go to the open zone with that trash

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DA_SHREDDER3580d ago

The reason why killzone hasn't sold as much as they wanted is because most online ps3 games have sucked. Socom, COD4, Battlefield, COD5, Turok, ATV vs. MX, Army of Two, Rainbow Six Vegas one and two and even alot of other games like need for speed, madden,nba live just had horrible online with features like voice chat missing, drop outs and the like.. I have alot of friends that actually bought every crappy game the ps3 had, and stopped with Killzone 2 because it was just expected to have crappy online.

swiftshot933580d ago

I am 100% certain your lying. Even if one or two of those games didnt have a good launch, they always ended up working perfectly.

COD4? LOL. I still play COD4 on PSN and its a charm. Most people have headsets, no lag for the most part, and matches are very easy and quick to join. Oh, I'm also playing RE5 co-op, that works perfect too.

PSN id: swiftshot93

3580d ago
Time_Is_On_My_Side3580d ago

Lol, if PlayStation 3 sucks online than the PC/Mac platforms suck online.

3580d ago
3580d ago
Breakfast3580d ago

...youd be blowin up everyday!

Its suck when people cant argue your points, so they just label you a fanboy to discredit you. Apparently it works too....until the person rationally fights back, lmao.

...oh well, the charms of n4g :)

3580d ago
SoapShoes3580d ago

And I had to log in just to reply to this. It's complete bull. Warhawk and Killzone 2 are the only online games that play well? I must be the luckiest man in the world, because all of my other games besides those two that are online play great. Resistance 2 = 60 players with no lag.

Sure Socom and COD had horrible lag when they released, but those are only a few bad apples.

HDgamer3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

Da shredder you have 3 bubbles and you're a fanboy. Resistance 1 and 2 do not have lag at all. I would know when it comes to downloading with rapidshare while using cryptload which drains most of your bandwidth and still keep the game running at full speed with no lag. I was surprised, hey you can do the same test with bittorrent, same results. You have a large wall of text that is incoherent and filled with no proof what so ever to back it up. Get a life and play games not the consoles. You hate a game console so much that you're in a gamer zone lying through your teeth. Ooh you're going to take bubbles with your alternate accounts, against gamers instead of fanboys like yourself in the gamer zone.

You're not going to convince real gamers that whatever bull you're spinning is not going to reach them. You belong in the open zone. You said you used to be a ps3 guy now you're a 360 guy. Hmmm that screams fanboyism, Why not just have both? Why don't you have both, here's the most logical reason why. You're too much of a fanboy and a broke ignorant child to even contemplate the idea of playing exclusives on both systems. This just blows your mind, how ignorant and childish you can really be by lying and slandering worser than John McCain against Obama in the electoral campaign.

If you dress a pig, it's still a pig. You give a console to a fanboy who's loyalty to one game console then he's still a fanboy.

YogiBear3579d ago

You need to work harder if you want to be a good bulls#*t salesman.

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swiftshot933580d ago

It didnt do a million in America, but I remember stories here on N4G stating that KZ2 has passed the million mark in Europe in its first week.

Am I wrong?

RememberThe3573580d ago

But wouldn't it be nice if we could get numbers for Europe all together?

I'm tired of everyone leaning on the NPD numbers.