Turn Off Consoles for Earth Hour Tonight

Whatever your console-game-playing plans are today, take a break for an hour starting at 8:30 p.m.

That's the designated time worldwide for Earth Hour, a 60-minute effort to power down all non-essential lights and electrical devices to raise awareness for conservation and climate change.

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Kamikaze1353588d ago

Maybe I'll take an hour shower or something =P

Hydrolex3587d ago

what a dumb article, a console and a TV doesnt use that much power.

today is saturday, close the bars and that will do it

XGRaViSmOrSX3587d ago

i think instead of cutting power how about everyone w/ a ps3 turn on folding at home so we can actually try to accomplish something.

Arsenic133587d ago

Its a small thing by yourself but if a vast majority of people do it then it shows a small impact. Its people like you that wont do anything positive toward the environment. Close minded ass.

FlameBaitGod3587d ago

You know.. its not just ur TV, its all the TV's in the world that are on at the same time. If that doesnt take much power i dk what does.

SRU96003587d ago

If they don't stop with this "Earth Hour" nonsense I'm going to go out and buy one of these...

Hydrolex3587d ago

im not gonna sit and masturbate for an hour and do nothin !!! Im gonnnnnnnna play KILLZONe 2 goddamit

JsonHenry3587d ago


Keep your crazy liberal agenda to yourself. K? Thanks.

Sitdown3587d ago

"m not gonna sit and masturbate for an hour and do nothin !!! Im gonnnnnnnna play KILLZONe 2 goddamit "

Hahaha.......are you admitting to sexual problems? Cause I think masturbating could be considering as doing something...and if you masturbate and still have an hour left in which you are doing nothing........well..I think you see what it is suggesting..

TheDude2dot03587d ago

This is so stupid. I read an article on Yahoo about Earth Hour. Notice how they call global warming climate change now? It's because Al Gore was a wrong idiot who convinced his liberal friends that the world is going to turn into a volcano.

Siesser3587d ago

Seeing as my PS3's hard drive is currently shot, I'd be more than happy to comply. Got a new 500GB on the way though, so blessing in disguise is what I call it!

LastDance3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

I hope mother nature takes action against the human race because there simply are too many d*ckheads here clearly who are going to destroy the Earth anyway.

You still obviously haven't grown up from school and think nature is Teh geY

@ below. Yeah man coz ya know, that thick yellow smog was there before humans inhabited Los Angeles.
It's not bad for you im sure.

You can deny all you want, but clearly there is evidence towards Global Warming. you think just because the world isn't ending right now that there's no problem.

Can't see past your nose.

XGRaViSmOrSX3587d ago

@1.3 yes im ignorant to think that not using power for 1 hour is going to turn back the tide of pollution and ill effects that have been done to the earth.

how about you being the ignorant one for believing the hype. and thats to even assume that global warming exists and isnt just a natural cyclical event in geological history compounded by extra solar activity.

jury is still out my friend. so why not do some folding at home and potentially save some lives. that is a fact.

RememberThe3573587d ago


Humanity at it's best.

"I refuse to do something really easy! F*ckin liberals..."

XGRaViSmOrSX3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

if anything this event is a joke, at best. who honestly is gonna sit there in the pitch black darkness of their home and go "yes im helping save the world" really....? i mean seriously, honestly?

if that isnt being part of the problem i dont know what is.

how about instead of turning off your lights for one hour of one day try to reduce the amount of waste you have over a whole month or perhaps a year...that wouldnt be as effective as turning off your're right.

and as ive said before there is still no concrete proof that shows the earth isnt going through a natural event. of course said heating up is compounded by humans and sun activity.

jmare3587d ago

Do you realize how fvcking stupid that idea is? Humanity cannot destroy the planet. If giant fvcking rocks from space 6 miles in diameter can't destroy the planet, nothing we can do is going to hurt it. All we can do is fvck up the environment so it becomes inhospitable to human life as it is right now. Call it like it is.

Mikerra173587d ago

Im goona turn it on just because you told me not to because Im a rebel

fear883587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

I have one thing that is better than gaming for an hour. A hot girlfriend to pound. So while you guys decide "hey I need more testosterone through shooting pixels than getting laid and saving a few dollars on the monthly energy bill" I will be having great time in my fort made of pillows with flashlights and hardcore ****ing.

terrandragon3587d ago

Hydrolex is a global warming fanboy.

NMC20073587d ago

I don't wanna open up a can of disagrees here..... or maybe I do, anyway, what exactly are you accomplishing with [email protected] that you are 100% sure you are accomplishing? I will press the button that says "Not a damn thing, Bob".

BattleAxe3587d ago

Wow, are there ever alot of ignorant morons in here tonight. Even George Bush accepted global warming a scientific fact. I have a feeling that the morons that think that everything is ok live in Kentucky or Texas or some place where education is at a minimum. Or perhaps they live in the bible belt of the USA lol

Armyless3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

you take a step back toward the cave your ancestors came from?

Just remember I said that...

SonyWarrior3587d ago

be playing ps3 at that time, thanks..

thisguywithhair3587d ago

This is the most pointless effort for the earth that I have ever seen. One hour? Starting at 8:30 PM? Why not 3am? Oh wait, that would show their true intentions of this being a publicity stunt only. If they were serious about this they would start it at noon or at a time when there is a real power drain going on. But no, you can't be too intrusive into people lives or else they will not want to do this. Remember, people will only do this for the earth because it will make them feel good for doing something for the earth and it wont cause their lives too much disruption.

thisguywithhair3587d ago

"Notice how they call global warming climate change now?"

Actually there is a difference between Global Warming and Climate Change. Global warming is what is happening and climate change the result of global warming. The problem is that when people are talking about climate change they are saying that the earth will get hotter and weather will become worse. This is not true, if the temperature of the earth does go up the weather will actually become more stable (less hurricanes, tornados, and heck even less thunderstorms).

theKiller3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

if someone wants to do something they better start with oil companies, pollution coming from cars, mass usage of weapons in iraq, gaza, and afghanistan/pakistan and cigarettes!! r the ones who is cause that much air pollution and the rise of earth temperature!!!!

also stop cutting the damn trees, they give us much oxygen and suck up the bad gases! so dont buy wooden chairs etc!!!

jadenkorri3586d ago

first of all, denying global warming, is like denying your own existance, its been growing, just like you have been. 2nd, turning off everything for an hour not gonna make one difference, well actually one, if people fall for it, my internet connection will be lag free :).... 3rd, yes we can destroy the planet, if your mentality of destruction is the planet going into pieces like Titan A.E...then yes you are absolutly right, no astroid will ever do that, we need a blackhole for that or a collision with something bigger than earth...

XGRaViSmOrSX3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

so wait what are you basing this conrete knowledge that global warming is infact not just a normal cooling/warming cycle that has been compounded by extra solar activity and by humans.

there are too many contributing variables to make a concrete decision. and besides most of the "research" thats been done up until this point has been using models and scenarios that are loosely based on scientific examples of past events, and extrapolating those results to current times as well as the other factors that contribute to the overall assumption that golbal warming does in fact exist and the results of course are never skewed to reach such results.

as was posted in another post here ya go:


there are just too many things to try and calculate and most of those things are just guesstimates based loosely on scenarios and models NOT on scientific fact.

i just wish more people would do their own research of both sides of the argument that automatically assume one thing is correct and everything else is wrong.....religion says hi.

jmare3586d ago

Since I assume at least some of your comment was in response to mine, I will respond.

Most people don't deny global warming, they deny that it is man made. There is a distinction between the two. And the reason they deny it is caused by man is becasue of multiple ice ages. if global warming was caused by mankind the planet should have been the same temperature from the time it formed to the time people started polluting the environment. Guess what, it hasn't.

You are right that one hour won't accomplish anything. To truly, "stop" global warming, the world's energy usage would have to be cut drastically. The only way to feasibly accomplish this is by decreasing the world's population drastically. But what happens when it keeps getting hotter and no one is driving cars anymore?

As to destroying the planet, my point still stands. Most people who get all frantic over global warming and saving the planet act as if the planet will explode if we don't act right now. What most people mean by saving the planet is really saving the environment so we can continue to live. There is a difference. And even if we did fvck up the environment so bad that all humanity died out, something would survive and the environment would clean itself after a period of time.

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Zeus Lee3588d ago

No,I must earn the Berserker trophy tonight.

3587d ago
cheapndirty3587d ago

Great I will shut down my 360 and go drive my BIG OL' V8 SUV around for an hour. I have been wanting to drive that around more and now I have a good reason.

SeanScythe3586d ago

I would do it if I got a trophy for it but otherwise i'm not stupid enough to fall for this B.S. Global warming = The SUN! Climate Change = Nature! Stupidity = Green Peace Nuts!

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The_Zeitgeist3588d ago

You guys all hate the earth!

Nastycrew3587d ago

I used no electricity for that hour, im good :>

thisguywithhair3587d ago

You want hat for the earth? Buying energy efficient light bulbs. They are loaded with mercury and cannot be thrown out with regular garbage. They be taken in the hazardous disposal with the likes of car batteries. Yet everyday thousands of those light bulbs are burried in landfills everywhere.

PirateThom3588d ago

I'll be turning on every electronic device in the house.

ToastyMcNibbles3587d ago

lmao made me choke on my food

El_Colombiano3587d ago

I agree. I have to make up for all those who turn off their electronics.

PirateThom3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

I believe they tried this last year and, for that hour, power usage had actually gone up due to the number of people offsetting it.

Edit: I'm not sure who's disagreeing with me, it really did go up! Also, I think people don't realise I am kidding about the above comment! :D

swiftshot933587d ago

LOL +bubbles for all funny comments!

Alcon3587d ago

They always try to make you moraly guilty, so that they can promote their new action.(This can also be said about actions for charity, ect)
Just because you don't follow the trend, you're judged and labled as an 'earth' hater, a poluter, a guy without a heart and so on, even though they don't know you. But because you dont give money, or take part in the action (here lights off), then thay pass judgment on you
When they put all this publicity with this action, my first feeling is to do the contrary. Not that I don't care about the earth, I try to do my share, by recicling, ect, but I hate it when they try to force on you their latest idea. I'll do things my way, so for me my console, and lights will remain on. (I'll participate when I'll go to sleep)

Hutch23553587d ago

As soon as someone proves to me that man is more powerful than mother earth, then maybe I will do something. I am not saying that man doesn't help the process but come on any geologist will tell you we have always had fluctuation in our environment. In the 50's they said the next ice age was hear. It is just when anyone wants to get something done they try and scare you. 10 years ago they predicted the seas would rise so much that Florida would be under water. Guess what they said it would be in the next 10 years and low and behold nothing. Then they try and say look at all the hurricanes, well what about the ones that destroyed so many towns in Texas in the 20's they were actually bigger and stronger than Katrina. I hate anyone who tries to say that if I don't turn my lights off I am hurting the earth. Maybe if the libs in congress like that idiot Diane Fienstien from Cali will let the companies that are bidding to put solar fields in the dessert do there job instead of saying it will make the dessert not look like it should.

phosphor1123587d ago

*looks around*...only computer is And I CAN turn it off, ,but I have a Java Physics engine due Tuesday =[. I still need to create the algorithms to calculate the vectors of the balls on the screen for collision detection..right now..I only have one ball that bounces around...I have a lot of work to do =[[[[.

LastDance3587d ago

" I don't think so
As soon as someone proves to me that man is more powerful than mother earth, then maybe I will do something"

Than it will be too late. But who cares right? You'll be dead before you will reap her wrath.

It's so funny to see so many ignorant un-educated people. What can I expect on a gaming website i suppose.

BELIE7ER3587d ago

i am a cop and i still think your avatar is gay. or maybe its on purpose? i dont know.

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GameOn3588d ago

I'm more into green energy, not this bullcrap. The console stays on.