PlayStation 3 and PSP in one bundle

PS3Hype writes: 'Today the Media Markt in Germany is kicking of their own bundle. A PS3 and a PSP system together. This for a price of €399,-. You will get the PSP for free. Is this a sign that we can expect a price drop? Or that Sony pushes the retailers to bundle the two hardware pieces together?

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XiaoSet3583d ago

Stop spamming then, Colbert.

TheColbertinator3583d ago

I saw what you did,Xiaoset.Don't lie to me ;)

cliffbo3583d ago

damn, what a year Sony are going to have.

ThatCanadianGuy3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )


Desperate is sacrificing quality to get a year lead on your competitors.

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gaffyh3583d ago

That is a crazy good deal

mrb3ar3583d ago

id immediately post it on slick deals - that's front page material right there

Doppy3583d ago

This madness. Madness I say.

pain777pas3583d ago

This is exactly the type of bundle Sony should be applauded for trying. That is fantastic deal. Both systems are really good.

MazzingerZ3583d ago

This retailer is known for being really agressive and comes often with that kind of campaings but the truth is that when you go to the store there's no more in stock of whatever their offered...we're talking about around 10 bundles per store and the PSP is probably the old one...really tricky if you ask me, once you are there usually you don't want to leave with empty hands and by the stuff anyway for the normal price...

so, this is not like a whole new SONY PS3 bundle for Germany or's the offer of the week and next week it will be gone...

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Gun_Senshi3583d ago

This week I started exploring with Ad-Hoc Partying (With PS3) Playing Phantasy Star Portable, Guilty Gears, Monster Hunter etc with friends abroad !! I got some budget games and I have to say the games on PSP makes it the best handheld ever.

free3sixty3583d ago

yeah, in germany we got this offer.. nobody wants it, cause you need games = 500+ euro

XLiveGamer3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

give me the bundle for $300 this xmas and then i will.


@ free3sixty

"yeah, in germany we got this offer.. nobody wants it, cause you need games = 500+ euro"

Wait what do you mean by "you need games?"

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