What Is To Become Of MMOFPS?

The death throes of Sony Online's Planetside is leaving MMOFPS addicts jonesing for a fix. Where is it going to come from?

A title destined for PC and Xbox (Huxley)came tantalizingly close to filling the gap, but at the last hour it seems that the developers might chicken out. But there is still time for them to change their mind.

MMOFPS, a niche market that someone needs to fill? If so what with? Or is nobody terribly interested? Click the link to read the article and join the discussion.

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Zeus Lee3517d ago

According to IGN the 360 version of Huxley is on hold.Furthermore,they canceled the Halo MMO being made by Ensemble,so overall I don't think Microsoft are making a significant push into the genre.

hippo243517d ago

Their website states that the PC version will be released in Q2, and then several months later, the xbox will be ported.

PoSTedUP3517d ago

i think they should, this could be reli cool. im not saying 'put all their eggs in one basket' but i mean they should at least pick up a cool game for 09' because as of right now, 360 is looking unappealing :/

HaloHead3517d ago

However, if what you say is true then it is a real shame. I would love to see a decent MMOFPS.

Phantom_T3517d ago

set in space.
empire building/world colonising.
and i will never need another game ever again.