Sony Wouldn't Be Sony Without...

In the video game world, competition never ceases, and to remain a contender, each console manufacturer needs to maintain an identity among consumers and offer them something they can't get on any other platform. This weekend, TGR will take an in-depth look at the games -- one key franchise for each company -- that make Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony what they are today.

Which of Sony's franchises is the absolute biggest and most important?

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SlamVanderhuge5451d ago

Kratos' badassery is certainly identifiable as Sony's flagship title, but I wonder what will come of the series after the 3rd chapter.

Trollimite5451d ago

but sony is made up of many differnt games that apeal to differnt people.

there is no, "ultimate" franchise for sony, just a lot of great ones.

if god of war didnt exist there like 16 other games that could step up and be the flagship.

sonarus5451d ago

I disagree. Gran Turismo is more representative of sony considering they have been with them since the original Playstation. GOW is a great game but sony was sony long before GOW. You can't say the same about Halo for Xbox or Mario for Nintendo

ThanatosDMC5451d ago

I disagree. The PS brand never had a definitive franchise since it's composed of many different franchises that made Playstation the Playstation we know and love today.

It was Devil May Cry for me. Kratos has nothing on Dante.


solideagle15451d ago

Final Fantasy
Gran Turismo
nayghty dog


TheDude2dot05451d ago

The defining franchise for the original playstation was no doubt Crash. Whoever had that game back then got all the girls, no joke.

SuperM5451d ago

Gran Turismo is the defining franchise of the PS3. One of the best selling franchises in the history of gaming and by far sonys biggest franchise. Every game in the series has sold aproximately 10 million copies.

LoVeRSaMa5450d ago

Just without 1 small part of there gaming division, multibullionaire company anyone?

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Zeus Lee5451d ago

In terms of popularity and worldwide sales,Gran Turismo is Sony's biggest franchise.

To put it in better perspective,it's sold more copies than all God of War games,Halo games,and Gears of War games combined;So it's the one game that Sony values most(Hence the reason why it's not being rushed for release).

Very few games can match the success of GT(And by very few I mean it's mostly Nintendo and EA games that have surpassed the franchise)

cain1415451d ago

Your probably right about GT; however, I'm more interested in games with plots myself. Sony has done a great job with racing with GT, but it's still just a racing game.

Viewtiful5451d ago

GT is huge, but I think that's mostly a European audience. So while it is big for them to maintain a Euro following, there are also other very important games in the other territories.

I would even go so far as to say Dragon Quest or Kingdom Hearts could be just as important to Japan as GT is to Europe. Ditto with God of War/Killzone to North America.

cain1415451d ago


Yeah I'd agree with that. I will never understand the appeal of PES and I'm sure many Europeans will never get Madden...

cain1415451d ago

I still normally think of Snake when I think Sony, but maybe thats just me... Though I can totally see Little Big Planet becoming a very prominent face for them.

redsquad5451d ago (Edited 5451d ago )

I also tend to think of Snake as a Sony figurehead, but Sackboy makes more sense simply becaue he can become any other major Sony character: Snake, Helghast, Kratos or whatever, yet still remain identifiable as Sackboy. Two franchises advertised for the price of one!!

Clumzyagent5451d ago

To me its not so much what Franchises Sony has that makes them who they are, its the developers they have working for them. All of them make solid games, and for the most part can deviate from their franchise and try out new things like Insomniac did with Resistance. Its great to keep the developers from developing sequel fatigue while bringing out solid AAA games on a yearly basis.