Final Fantasy XIII: New ATB Screens

Ripten: "Brand new screenshots showing us mainly the Active Time Battle system in Final Fantasy XIII."

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Nostradavis3492d ago

This game makes me want to @#A$%! in my pants.

Nostradavis3492d ago

Because I love Final Fantasy. Leave me alone.

MNicholas3492d ago

as other PS3 games. Textures and lighting are simply average. I have to admit I'm a little disappointed by their tech in the context of graphical powerhouses like Killzone 2, Uncharted, GT5 and MGS4.

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San Frandisco3492d ago

but imho for atm i think the latest gameplay video that i saw,the visuals suck @ss for bieng supposed "CGI" graphical engine (crystal something but i forgot).. anywho but it has a ways to go so we'll see in may in the exclusive demo with Advent children Complete.
other then that the ATB system looks good to tell you da truth,ive allways ben able to adapt to gameplay machanics as long as the story was worth it for me.
i loved FF12's gameplay but lost interest in the story so stoped playing it.

i think for me one of the best battle systems used for an RPG was in Grandia 3-> that game was [email protected] and i give SE props for the awesome gameplay.

Nostradavis3492d ago

I own both a 360 and a PS3 and I am still buying this for my PS3. It's not that I hate the 360, because I don't, I am just going to buy it on my PS3.

GiantEnemyFlop3492d ago

why people that have the 2 console say that when they buy the ps3 version, it's almost if they feel ashamed of this

as for me i will defiantly get the ps3 ver. because that what it should be .

1 disk 1 world 1 console

Tray 4 life

JD_Shadow3492d ago

You forget how people are on N4G anymore.

If you don't say it at least 10 times that you DO own both consoles on every single post you make, they assume you're a fanboy...hell, they sometimes STILL think you are a fanboy even after all of that.

FantasyStar3492d ago

So is FFXIII going to feature real-time battles? (like Kingdom Hearts) or turn-based (like FFX) -the screenies and videos aren't helping to answer this question.

I would think that ATB would lean towards real-time, but FFVII used an ATB system and it was still largely turn-based combat.

Nostradavis3492d ago

The last FF had turn based but did it in a way that made it feel much more fluid and fast paced. I trust the team at Square to deliver a high quality product. They always do.

Sevir043492d ago

was the one that did. It was still turn based. you just still had to wait for your meter to fill after you selected your attack from the get go. your party attacked but so did your enemies.

running rampid3492d ago

game looks awesome, can't wait.

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