Feature: One Thing OnLive Should have done at GDC

After spending the past week reading up on everything related to the new game platform OnLive, I've found myself in a interesting predicament. I've seen the videos and read the reviews, and like the feedback I'm hearing on the software. I'm hopeful this new service works because it would be great for gamers everywhere, and would especailly be great for me as a college student. There is just one thing I can't figure out.

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socomnick3587d ago

Jesus christ really who approves hhg stories. They are all crap, I suspect that the people from hhg themselves approve their own stories.

Kakkoii3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

While every other time I would agree with what you said. This post of his is actually to the point. And I agree with him on it.

As someone who actually knows a good amount about technology, I am interested in the server specs, as I would understand the performance of them. Currently I'm wary about the ability of their servers to be able to handle the kind of loads 10's of 1000's or maybe even 100's or 1000's of players would place on the server. The kind of bandwidth coming out of each server array would be epic, even after their special compression. They will need a fiber optic bundle line going straight to an ISP station for routing to handle this.

That's why I'd like to know the specs.

DeadlyFire3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Specs of servers are easy to find. Today's servers house a 256 core CPU. Mostly on boards with at least 2 CPU sockets. Thats about 500 core per board and blade servers can house up to how many boards? Some servers have room for up to 240. That should be more than enough for thousands of games to run off of the system. I say somewhere between 30,000 and 60 thousand games could run off of a server like that. Just my math though. Maybe I am wrong. Might be more. Graphics cards all play big part in it as well. It would have to run thousands of games to be a useful and cheap technology. If 30,000 to 60,000 games run off of this system. Then maybe only 83-167 servers would be required to support 5 Million people. Maybe?

Many servers house some number of big GPUs as well. There could be hundreds of cards per system and tons of RAM. All in All though the technology for this is out there.

They could be using many different techniques for reduced bandwidth costs as well.

Jadaking3587d ago

Blueberries make me itch.

Marceles3587d ago

I dont think any dev talks about their own hardware because the consumer isn't supposed to worry about that, you're just supposed to trust they have enough to satisfy you and make it playable. It's like PSP remote're not supposed to ask if the PSP can render PS3's graphics because that's not what remote play does. The PS3 takes care of everything and all the PSP does is show it on its screen and you can control it with the PSP buttons. All OnLive is doing is enabling you to play it with OnLive's own hardware and the only thing your PC needs to do is be able to show video and control what's on the video. As far as hardware recommendations, you're only supposed to be required to need a REALLY good internet connection if you want to make the game look decent on your screen

kingme713587d ago

What hardware they have on their end is the least of the concerns. How they are compressing and how are they avoiding lag is the magic wand waving they are doing now. It doesn't really matter what system they have as long as it can play the game at an acceptable frame rate.

Kakkoii3586d ago

It does matter because people interested in technology like myself like to know these kinds of things. It's knowledge, it's nice to learn. I'd like to know what chips they are using to do this real time high compression. And what GPU's/CPU's they are using in their servers and how many servers they actually have in each area. I'm very interested in that stuff.

dirthurts3587d ago

What I would be more interested is at what levels will the games be ran? Sure, it can run Crysis, but will I be able to play it at max graphical settings like a high end rig? Will graphics settings scale forward and back when more or less people get on the service? That's what I'm curious about.
I would hate to be playing games at uber low settings due to server strain.

Kakkoii3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

From what was shown recently, they played Crysis on High settings (from what I saw analyzing the game footage) and in 720p (1280x720) (Which they said themselves). So overall, it's meant to give you a Console type experience, not a PC gamer type experience. Which is all they can really hope for if they want to make good profit. As it would be unfeasible for them to supply top of the line performance to thousands of players. Not to mention the bandwidth needed for those high resolutions (1920x1200) just isn't in place in most parts of the world yet.

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