Eurogamer Portugal review: Ninja Blade

Editor writes:: "Ken's adventure has some ocasional nice moments but fastly becomes repetitive and ends up as a forgetabble experience"

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Mandaspt3489d ago

Nice review for a very average game.

- Ghost of Sparta -3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Xbox World Magazine in the UK rated this 32/100. 6/10 is too high for Ninja Blade.

RememberThe3573489d ago

All of a sudden reviews matter?

How about this? I won't be the hypocrite, and I'll try the game out for myself...

beavis4play3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

sorry, wrong reply.

my bad.

Montrealien3489d ago

yeah, lets just hate on a decent action game because it aint on the PS3 typica no nothing N4G enthusiast hate.

From software are awesome, can't wait to check out Demon's Soul.

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bobdog6263489d ago

It did not seem average to me.The Game seemed Mine Blowing to me.The way it used Motion Blur is the Best i have seen so far.Unlike riding around ontop of a orge.

Panthers3489d ago

Oh WOW!?!?!

Motion blur is by far the most important feature in any game!!!!

Im def getting it for sure. Your right. Motion Blur>>>> Riding on an Ogre!!

Jinxstar3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I agree Panthers. This is TEH KILLER APP that makes God of War look like a pathetic attempt at a game. pfht more like baby of war. Geez when will people realize how bad sony are at making games and how blu ray wont help and how MS has such a better line up with games like this GAMEZ WITH MOTION BLUR FTW!!!! ;-)

Whoever disagrees with bobdog obviously has no idea what it takes to make quality titles. Reviewers are all just sony loyalist pigs that wouldn't know a good game if it was in there 360.... (Actually they probably wouldn't because it hasn't happened this year and doesn't look to either =D) (Edit: Minus a multiplat or 2.... maybe) (I hope I came off as sarcastic. That was the goal...)

danthegardner3489d ago

How can we judge God of War 3 based off a minute video. WTF. This review is based off the whole game and it got a 6. People like you would say Killzone 2 uses motion blur to cover up for bad textures or whatever. But now your praising it when it is used in an xbox 360 exclusive.

Marojado3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Riding an orge? hahaha, i wont even start listing what is wrong with this statement.

On topic, Ninja Blade is pretty decent. Although due to lack of funds i wont be picking it up at full retail price (if at all)

beavis4play3489d ago

i see what you're thinking......funny stuff.
bubbles for you!

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Supercalifragili3489d ago

I didn´t like the game either. Very repetitive. Its a shame because the game has potential.

Mandaspt3489d ago

And well deserved in my opinion.

Sarcasm3489d ago

AAA just like Race Pro

Beg For Mercy3489d ago

if i was a xbox fanboy i would stay off the internets for a while

Montreafart3489d ago

Can Ninja Blade succeed where Floppie wars failed?

Find out next time on "Top of the flops"!

- Ghost of Sparta -3489d ago

Zero. That's how many AAA games the 360 has this year.

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