Iwata explains why DSi released sooner than expected

"Well, when we use a DS game system ourselves or when we see others using theirs, we always think about what might be done to allow more people to enjoy it. When we made the Wii console, our guiding motivation was finding a way to make it fun, and our actions seemed to hit home with users, so afterwards there was an intense interest in what would happen if we applied the same philosophy to the DS. So one factor for our timing was our desire as creators to try out our ideas. That's why we made what we did when we did…"

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jay23490d ago

Sony and Nintendo need to just bring out their 2nd handhelds. Don't get me started with iPhone.

resistance1003490d ago

I personally see the DSi as Nintendo's next handheld console since it will be getting DSi only games in the near future.

caladbolg7773489d ago

I probably won't be "upgrading" to a DSi. My DS Lite plays the DS titles as well as the Gameboy Advance titles, which is more than I can say for the DSi.

dirthurts3490d ago

I think this is nintendos way of making consumers purchase a new system, without actually having to invest in new technology. The did the same thing with the gamecube-wii transition. Throw in a new gimmick, a new case and sell it as new.
People are dumb enough to buy it.
I hate Nintendo...

resistance1003490d ago

Its a shame because when i got into gaming they were the most respected company out there. How things change.

sloth33953490d ago

what you said is basicly what microsoft did with the 360 if not they would have had WIFI built into it and use a next gen disc player instead of the DVD

Mutley4163490d ago

My kids are iching for the DSI...