Guitar Hero Metallica Midnight Launch events and bonus offers

Ready to tear it up with Metallica? Guitar Hero: Metallica launches tomorrow in North America. Here's a round-up of deals on the game from different retailers, as well as GameStop's Midnight Launch event and early store openings.

GameStop will be opening about 400 stores for a Midnight Event tonight (3/28/09), starting at 10pm. Many more stores will be opening early on Sunday morning starting at 9 a.m. Check with your local GameStop to see if they'll be participating.

Here's a listing of different deals on Guitar Hero: Metallica:

Walmart is offering $10 eGift cards.

Best Buy is offering a Tattoo Sleeve.

Some online retailers are offering several dollars off the price of Guitar Hero: Metallica, which include:

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Zhit3491d ago

When no one shows up to buy the game....

Mikerra173491d ago

guitar hero isnt that big anymore since there is alot more competition

2paclives3491d ago

LOL-you're least they might get overtime.

poindat3491d ago

Haha, with GameStop? Count on it being as minimal as possible.

omgwownoobs3491d ago

with a system with no hd sound, or a system with dolby 5.1 CERTIFIED written all over it? ahaha you guys know what im talking about