Sega Invents the game we would all like to play.

Sega has updated the old 360 degree centrifuge game. Better graphics and improved responses. Take a look, it's called Storm-G.

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1 HiT KiLLZ3493d ago

Sega is really on a roll this current gen. They just keep turning heads with their awesome games. Good on you Sega old boy.

kewlkat0073493d ago

so this must be on the 360 eh...

Heldrasil3493d ago

@ 1.1

Capcom, surely! But Sega?!!?!?
I haven't played a Sega game that "I" want to play since Phantasy Star's II and III

thePatriot3493d ago

F-Zero or wipeout on this thing

Elven63493d ago

Sonic, NIGHTS, Condemned 2 (Still waiting for that game stopping patch guys.....), Golden Axe: Beast Rider, etc all say hi! If you still don't get it Sega ruined those games, their bad games have far out weighed their good games especially on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

LastDance3493d ago

Yakuza 3. Valkyria Chronicles. Madworld. Empire: total war. House of the dead overkill.

That's just off the top of my head.

Baka-akaB3493d ago

Uh ? we must live in different and parallel worlds . So far their current in house project sucked , except Valkyria chronicles and yakuza 3.
Other than that only a handful of their studios , and mostly western ones with the exception of Platinum studios , delivers good stuff , among a lot of crap like Golden axe ... (the good would be Alpha protocol , the total war series , and the platinum games)

rockleex3492d ago

"Yaaaahhhaaaa!" Sound like Mario or something.

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jay23493d ago

Sega Invents the game we would all like to play.
Oh what Shemue 3........... Erm sorry, but Sega hasn't Invented the game we would all like to play.

resistance1003493d ago

Meh The first was outstanding but the second one was average

Baka-akaB3493d ago

never gave a damn about shenmue , sure it was pretty and the first great sandbox systeme , but gaming wise it was boring imo and full of gimmick mini games .

Of course with the input of many other sandboxes and sega's own yakuza stuff , a new shenmue might be more to my taste now .

FragMnTagM3493d ago

That is something we might never see here in the states. Sadly, there are hardly and arcades here anymore.

Myst3493d ago

Well I'd certainly like to give it a try, sadly arcades are slowly fading away so I wonder..

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The story is too old to be commented.