inFamous - 'Terrorized Streets' Gameplay

GamersDigest writes;

"We have uploaded a gameplay video straight from the GDC for the PS3 exclusive inFamous from Sony and Sucker Punch Studios.

The video showcases the 'Terrorized Streets' mission in the game."

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farhsa20083517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

man i do love terror!

JoySticksFTW3517d ago

This game...
Uncharted 2...
and maybe even GoW3...

Nice 2009 line-up for PS3 fans right there

I understand that Sony's in this to make money, but I really hope a price drop is coming sooner rather than later. More people need to experience the often underrated & overlooked PS3 exclusives (Heavenly Sword, Warhawk) as well as the blockbusters (MGS4, Uncharted)

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PrimordialSoupBase3517d ago

The moral choices, at least from what they've shown, hold your hand and are only presented in shades of black and white. Wish they'd nuance that more, because it looks great otherwise.

Myst3517d ago

It's probably not my place to intrude but if you will please give comparisons. I have read many of your comments if I stumbled into them upon an article and most of the time you seem to say average graphics, and how unoriginal things are. To which game are you comparing inFamous graphics with? Also how can anything be original in a world which is limited by the imagination we have already built upon? Take a look at the First Person shooter genre, over time everything will be slightly similar (whether weapon or story-wise) but overall it has it's differences. Enough to warrant it a glance.

Personally In my opinion I think the game looks rather interesting and this is pretty much the first video I have watched for it. Am I a sony fanboy or whatever people call it? Nope, I just find games that are interesting look-wise and game play wise. Besides isn't it refreshing to have a game that is more fun to play than one that looks pretty 24/7 without much variety in game play wise?

Anyway sorry for the intrusion and please give a comparison so as to let others know what you think. Because without doing so your going to get slapped with a lot of disagrees and lose that last bubble ^_^.

boodybandit3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

So now a score of 80 is considered unworthy of getting excited over? An 80 = GREAT! <-- which is worthy of excitement and a purchase IMHO.

What fuels your hatred of a gaming console? Seriously. You are a waste of bandwidth for N4G and judging from you posting habits I would bet a 1000 to 1 odds a multiple account offender. Nobody that carries as much hatred and spews as much venom would have the restraint not to log in every day just to fan the flames.

I don't see too many over hyping this game other than members that are your polar opposite. The thing is this is just one more game guys like you (swearing an allegiance to one brand) wont be able to play while multi console owners like myself will.

Edit: No tantrum here. I am just keeping it real. People like you are a cancer to sites like this. You contribute nothing but negativity.

Agent VX3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Nuri - fair enough. Opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one and they mostly stink. So just take my take on this game as just that.

But that aside, I really don't see the appeal to this game, there is no excitement to this game, there's lots of repetition like "Too Human", the graphics engine is not a selling feature and it looks like the gameplay is very simple.

Not to say this will not appeal or be fun to gamers, just that it won't appeal or be fun to many. Hey, if it looks good to you, go and purchase it. I for one don't find this game either appealing or fun. Maybe the demo might change my mind, although I don't have much hope for that.

Edit: boodybandit - There is an ignore feature, please use it and not waste our time with your tantrum.

spandexxking3517d ago

you got it all worng VX, people disagree with you because you talk absolute crap. scoring 80 on metacritic isn't a bad thing, did you know crackdown got 83? PS3 is getting loads of games this year, not all of them have to be AAA for GAMERS to enjoy them.

popup3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Then why, Agent_VX, are you investing so much energy into it? You must be some really bitter and depressed person if you spend all your free time searching the Internet for all the things you don't like and then commenting on them. Next stop Barbie? What a strange life you have! I enjoyed the clip.

Karum3517d ago

How can you say it won't convince you to buy a PS3 and then say the demo might change your mind?

You're clearly not interested in the PS3, I'd stick to articles focused on whatever platform it is you are interested in if I were you. That way you might be able to make more than 2 comments in any 1 article.

swinesucker3517d ago

Anyone who has played a sucker punch game knows the gameplay is awesome.

Agent V doesn't know his A** from his mouth.

FlameBaitGod3517d ago

Agent VX is a 360 fanboy, so you'll see comments like this on PS3 articles. You can see hes posting history.

Ju3517d ago

Damn! Who turns this thread into a personal vendetta ? With two bubbles. GTFO. Last time I will comment to you. You just became invisible. Thx.

-EvoAnubis-3517d ago

No one's disagreeing with you because "thiz iz teh ps3 fanboiez site111!111!" We're disagreeing with you because you're flat-out wrong.

CaseyRyback_CPO3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Lets say the following is true: Infamous isn't New, and the graphics aren't amazing.

Whats better? That will be released in 2009? Dur dur dur.... HaloOSD?

Infamous isn't interesting to me in the least. But the weak arguments are pathetic coming from people who we all know dont own ps3s and have some bubble deathwish, and have absolutely no games to play or comment on. Even 360 fanboy sites are covering PS3 games.

How long can you guys go down with the titanic? till it hits the sea floor? You've got nothign to play, you've got no news, you've got nothing to look forward to. You've got no reason to be on a gaming website outside of trying to hate on PS3 titles.

When AgentVX sees a ps3 game, he gets his PR report ready. And it always reads:

"Well this isn't new or fascinating, yet i find all multiplatform "exclusive" 360 games phenomenal and innovative, still not buying a ps3."

You can call out a game for whatever reasons, but those same reasons better not apply to every single 360 release ever created, and dont even start to talk about graphics. Infamous makes Prototype look like dig dug, yet im sure if I go in your comment history, i wont see u trying to bash prototype. You love to pretend that youhave to have innovation to buy a PS3 title, but im sure you're the same person buying COD4, COD5, COD6, Gears2, and EA spinoff #9. But waiit when it comes to the ps3, it has to jump through hoops that no games do.

I hope that pricedrop comes soon, so you guys can actually start enjoying next-gen gaming instead of trying to make yourselves feel better by convincing the rest of us you're blind and that the unreal engine looks better than Kz2.

Shepherd 2143517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

lol this game looks like a rip off of Iron Man.

Floats from palms and feet? Check.

Shoots fiery stuff from palms? Check.

barely acceptable presentation and graphics? Check.

Crummy super hero? Check.(Iron man is not a bad super hero though)

this game looks like it has a lame open world design too, kinda like Spiderman 3: The game. I mean really this game seriously looks like a licensed movie-game tie-in.

I know you guys are getting all uber excited because its a PS3 exclusive and everything, but just open your minds for a few seconds once in your lives and try to notice that the game doesnt look all that great. All im saying is dont get too excited.

And from what ive seen from the moral system, it will not be able to stand up to the standards set by Mass Effect, or even Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 five years ago. This game looks average, that is all. Dont waste your $60 on this PS3 dudes, get something else like Uncharted 2 or something, that game looks great.

DaTruth3517d ago

You guys are right. Skating on wires, electric bombs and armoured machine gun buses, how generic; Those things are in, like every game.

Sorry, graphically Infamous just blew away every open world game and if you watch the PSN vids, he blows up 20 cars with people running everywhere with not even a hiccup in the framerate. Something GTA4 could never manage.

Back on topic: I love the way his powers and appearance change when he's evil. It's like the difference between a jedi and a sith.

theKiller3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

1:the graphics is better than prototype!

2:the story is still not so clear how is it but so far it looks it have much more story than prototype.

3: the gameplay looks more like sneaking on roof tops and attack ur enemies while they didnt expect u, something like spider man but that doesnt mean its a bad thing, true it reminds me of spider man atmosphere but it looks much better, and please dont compare it to iron man, i dont know why u americans r into stupid and unreal hero's stuff!! only u like it that much!!!

4: this game looks worth the purchase if u r into slow paste games combined with some real good action!!

5: its like sly-racoon but with more action and mature story line!!

6: now its all depend on what is the story is about, what kind of things u can do in there. i think the game have the potential to be AAA but i think it will be 8.5 on metacritics!! which is a great game!!

oh by the way the graphics is solid in inFamous!

RememberThe3573517d ago

Damn, that was da truth (don't pardon the pun).

You can say whatever you want, but this game is not generic at all. The closest games to this are Crackdown and Prototype. Thats three games that are similar to each other. That is not generic at all, it's actually quite the opposite.

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Unbiased13517d ago

I am really looking forward to it. Especially since it is from Sucker Punch studio. Sly Cooper games were awesome.

Trollimite3517d ago

has never failed me. i getting this game to support their new IP.

they could have easily made another sly game (not a bad thing) but this gen desperatly needs new game types like this.

firts day pick up for me

Unbiased13517d ago

Yeah i think eventually they will make new Sly, at least some PSN version like quest for booty see how big interest is in franchise.
If you pay attention there is actually a lot of "Sly Cooper" in Infamous. The way he jumps around and holds on stuff.

DaTruth3517d ago

Please, don't jinx it by saying so and so developers never let me down. Dare I say "Free Radical".

DavidMacDougall3517d ago

The XP system and the Karma system alone will keep this game replayable for me. Anyone know if Prototype has a system like that?

Figboy3517d ago

and that's why i'm more pumped about inFamous. it seems more focused than Prototype, which really does just look like Spider-Man: WOS crossed with Hulks: Ultimate Destruction.

with that said, i'll be getting both, but i'm buying inFamous day one, minute one.

Figboy3516d ago

disagree all you want, but i used to work at Vivendi, and i saw Prototype everyday, and it really is a mix between Ultimate Destruction and Web of Shadows.

the Karma system in inFamous already makes it infinitely deeper than anything Prototype has showcased so far.

for a game that's releasing in June, we sure don't know much about Prototype's gameplay, story, or world.

all we've seen is a flashy video showing off his abilities.

i'm not saying the game is going to be a bomb, but judging from what i've seen of the game in person, in trailers, and from what very little i know about it only a few months from it's intended release, i have to say that Prototype is still a mystery, and not a very intriguing one from the looks of things.

how many times must we see the "i'm a genetic experiment who's lost his memory and is looking for answers" storyline?

Oztheboss3517d ago

Holy moly, this is looking reeeeaaaally good to me.

I love the fact that his appearence changes with the whole karma dealie...

TheTwelve3517d ago

It looks like the hero can do so much. If they don't make the game too easy, this can lead to some very fun complexity in gameplay. That's why I'm picking up this game day 1.


sofresh2003517d ago

I agree. I usually stay to the good side when playing these types of games, but the red lightning is just too cool. I'm def gonna be evil for the first playthrough.

Bombomb3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

this looks boring in comparisons to prototype destruction.


ToastyMcNibbles3517d ago

personally prototype destruction looks boring...this looks like it will have just the right balance to the point where its fun and you want to keep playing...prototype looks mindless which can be fun dont get me wrong but it can get boring real quick

Johnny Rotten3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

It does look boring but I wouldn't compare it to Prototype though because that one looks cheap.

I guess the one thing that keeps me interested in this game is that he's supposed to be a comic book hero so I'm still

BkaY3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

r u sure u r ready to give ur hard earn money for this..

well me??? helllllllll nooo ... anyone else? ... i dont think sooo but u sir go ahead...


TheExecutive3517d ago

well the destruction is only one minor part of the game. An open world action game needs a story. Oh and the XP, karma, and the different types of powers looks outstanding in this game.

DaTruth3517d ago

It looks cheap and last gen. The graphics and physics(or lack thereof) look sad and reminds me of Spiderman3 and I don't like remembering that $70, it keeps me up at night!
I saw a video that actually made Prototype look fun, but I'll wait for the reviews to make my final judgement.

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